February 17, 2012

What a day.

Yesterday I took my first ever grownup sick day. I've always felt a lot of guilt taking time off since I worked at Starbucks when I got yelled at for calling in several hours before my shift started. My theory from then on was that I'd go to work and see how I did, then go home once they realized how vile I really was.

Wednesday around 4 I started to feel gross and it just escalated from there. I was in bed by 9:30 and when I got up the next morning I figured I'd see how I did. It's been my experience that the first hour or so in the morning is the hardest when you're sick. Make it through that and you'll be fine for the rest of the day. At about 7:30 I made the choice to stay home. My reasoning was sound, I think. My whole body hurt. Initially I thought I was just feeling the after effects of Tuesday's yoga but it was so much more than that. Everything ached. My throat was constricted. I didn't want to eat! So I emailed in and took a paid sick day. I love being a grown up.

I had an interesting run-in with BC Hydro installing our smart meter yesterday morning. I won't get into it, but Furlo was defending me (I'm not sure if he knew I was home), I was in bed sleeping, and then, when I got out of bed because the dog sounded like he wanted to kill something, I had a nice conversation, in my pajamas, with the BC Hydro man through the whole in the upper basement wall where our meter is. I was so out of it, and so confused.

Sick days are rough. They're not like they were when you're a kid and you're "sick" but still functioning. I could watch TV and read a bit but that was it. I thought I might get some laundry folded or knitting done at least but no. All I managed to do was catch up on more television than necessary (the glories of a PVR) and finish The Girl who Played with Fire.

A good friend of mine celebrated her birthday yesterday but I had to pass. I never get sick enough to pass doing things like that, even in a limited capacity. The thing is, we're going to a wedding tomorrow in Vancouver and I have to make sure I'm healthy for that.

This morning I went to work, unsure of whether I'd make it the whole day. But I did! I'm only 45 minutes away from succeeding in that goal. I really didn't want to miss work yesterday. There's been talk that I'm going to get more responsibilities and take notes in some meetings, as well as help with website content. Today I was supposed to replace my lady boss (because she's off) in a two hour meeting as the note taker. I am an excellent note taker. Thankfully the meeting got moved to Monday, though, since the guy I was supposed to be going with has been sick the past couple days. Did I mention I woke up this morning with no voice? It's back now but I won't be doing any speeches tomorrow, that's for sure (okay, not just because my voice isn't all there and it's at its sexiest but you get the picture).

It's like there's a plague going around the office.

I feel like today has been decently busy. Part of that might be because my brain is functioning on a totally different level today, but it's nice to be useful. At one point, though, I did wonder if I could actually have a nap under my desk (in lieu of sick day). The phone only rang three times today (make that four... it rang as I was typing): once was a coworker calling in sick, once was my mom, and the other two were work related. I could totally have answered those calls from under my desk.

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