February 22, 2012

The second most wonderful time of the year.

I've been pretty under the weather for the past week. Since last Wednesday afternoon it's been a rapid spiral into germ infested territory and a lot of couch time. As you know, I spent Thursday home last week, went to work Friday, physically but not entirely mentally present, then went to Vancouver on Saturday for the wedding of the year.

The wedding of the year has been so dubbed for a few reasons. No one will feel left out by that statement because it's the only wedding happening this year so, by default, it was the main wedding event. It was also amazing. It was someone I've known for a huge part of my life and while we may not be super close it was still exciting to be there to watch him get married. There were also a ton of my favourite people in attendance and that was wonderful as well.

What wasn't fantastic was the alarm in our hotel going off shortly after 6 and then shortly after 8 on the morning after. I was having a hard enough time sleeping being as sick and disgusting as I was and that didn't really help.  Karl and I are super heroes, though, and were dressed with our valuables saved and down the stairs in no time. But of course it was a false alarm. No one evacuates a building quite as quickly as we do.

It took me forever to fall back asleep after the first alarm and I couldn't have been out for more than half an hour when, naturally, the second alarm went off. Now we were just unimpressed and not going to be fooled again. It turned out both alarms were because some grease in the oven or something was smoking or burning and there was no cover on the smoke detector. Apparently this wasn't the first time it had happened there. Smooth, Surrey Comfort Inn, very smooth. You know what else was smooth? $12 off our hotel stay and body indents in the bed.

Sunday morning found me with absolutely no voice. I could whisper but that was about it. By the time we got home from Vancouver I was feeling gross, had no voice, and was getting a headache from lack of sleep. That translated into a Monday at home (grownup sick day number two) and a two o'clock realization that I was past the point of feeling like death and was going to be healthy enough to go to work the next day. It was a glorious moment.

So I'm back! The only thing is that now, even though I'm feeling less disgusting and can talk again, I have a wicked cough to keep me company. For the last two nights I've had to get up halfway through and sleep on the couch so as not to disturb Karl. You'd think that sleeping on the couch would be the sign of a weak marriage, but I think in this case it's the sign of a strong one. Love is sleeping on the couch when you're sick so the other person doesn't have to listen to you hack up a lung at 4 am. At least that's how I see it. Our couch is also really comfortable.

All this sickness has distracted me from the impending arrival of my second favourite time of year. Now that Family Camp no longer takes places at Camp, I've had to replace it with another commercial experience. Not Christmas, that's my number one, but roll up the rim. Yes, it's here! I'm not sure if it started Sunday or Monday but, all I know is that I had my first roll up tea last night. I didn't win. I wasn't expecting to. I was drinking a small.

There's a strategy to winning roll up the rim to win, you know. Before Tim Hortons changed all the sizes the medium was the least likely to win, large was more likely, and extra-large was the likeliest of all. This is a fact. I am right. Do not argue with me. I always had a much higher success rate drinking larger sizes of tea than smaller. It's just science. More people drink mediums than larges, and less people drink extra-larges than larges, so there are more medium cups distributed, and no doubt printed, than larger sizes. You can assume that the same number of winning cups is allocated to each size so, therefore, there is a higher chance of winning with a larger size.

I'm not sure how the new sizes will affect the odds, but I think it's safe to assume that even fewer people are going to be drinking the 24 oz. cups than the other sizes. In my opinion, those people are probably going to be the biggest winners. They're also probably going to have to use the bathroom the most, but that's just biology for you.

My old game strategy used to be to start drinking extra-larges as opposed to my usual larges. I got used to it and it became my normal thing. I see nothing wrong with a few more ounces of tea and enjoyment so long as your body can handle it. Well, my body can't handle that much tea anymore so I'm not sure what I'm going to do. There is no way I'll be consuming an extra-large of anything unless I'm feeling really competitive and do so over an entire day and it's apple cinnamon (or is it spice?) tea. Possibly peppermint, but certainly not steeped.

Go forth, my friends, and win your roll up the win cups. I'm hoping to feel better as soon as possible so I can start enjoying my steeped teas again as well as the sweet sweet sound of victory when I win free coffee after free coffee. Right now, though, I'm in the market for a humidifier so I can start getting better night sleeps and not cough up a lung. Then I can get my head in the game. I feel like an old person, but I'm going to think of a humidifier as an investment for the future. It'll last me forever, right? And it'll help with my A game.

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