February 02, 2012

Take a hit for the team and try not to breathe on them

Today I'm "under the weather." Yesterday I started feeling congested and boogery and today it's worse. I've been dying to walk to work this week but always miss my window by a couple of minutes. Today I was determined to make it happen so, even though I was two minutes out of my window, I figured I could do it. I would power walk like I'd never power walked before and even run if I needed to. I really didn't see that being necessary, nor desirable, so I moved like I didn't think I could.

Of course, I got halfway down the street and realized how badly that walk was going to go. I needed to move if I was going to make it by 8:30; I have little legs so moving quickly is harder for me than it is for you. I was wearing my winter coat which was ridiculous since I was going as fast as possible. I got warm within four minute of leaving the house. I forgot my Kleenex at home. I wasn't feeling well. I got to work unhappy, overheated, achy, and dripping from the nose. I love walking to work, but maybe shouldn't have given it everything I had today.

My head's a little foggy, my back's a little achy, and clearly my judgment has been effected because I turned down the offer of a London Fog this morning from one of my coworkers. She looked at me like I had fallen on my head.

I have a strong desire to go home and watch Indiana Jones in my sweat pants, just like I did when I was in elementary school. For some reason when my nose is stuffed up and nothing smells normal I always think of The Temple of Doom. I could go for a little Temple of Doom right now.

I guess, hypothetically, I could go home sick but I won't for several reasons. First of all, even though I feel like every time I exhale I'm polluting the air, I think that's just a side effect of feeling gross and that I'm really not that hazardous. I just need to remember to wash my hands when I make coffee or put the dishes away. Second, I don't think my daily duties are going to be seriously affected by my brain fog. It's Thursday. I water the plants today and may need to buy cream from the grocery store. I think I can fake it. Third, I have always felt that sick days are for days when you are so sick you can't function. I've never had a job that gave sick time before and I want to make sure I have it available for when I really need it. Last year I think I got a mini flu and was so nauseous that I couldn't really do anything aside from lay on the couch and watch Dexter. I never get more than a cold so that was so weird for me.

My final reason for sticking out my pathetic little cold is that I'm going away this weekend. I'm taking off an hour and a half early tomorrow afternoon so that I can hop on a ferry and go to the smart people conference. I will not go home sick just to get off early tomorrow. I will drink water and eat echinacea and suck it up and simply stare out the window all day.

Besides, my father in law was at the mattress store next door, not knowing that I worked here, and when I went to say hello he told me that I looked good. I will try to forget that he sounded surprised by my business casual attire and new haircut. I can't go home now, I look good. I wouldn't want to deprive my coworkers of that.

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