February 03, 2012

I'm a fighter.

I am a strong, capable fighter.

My body fights germs and wins!

There wouldn't be a story to tell if there was no battle scene before the victory.  Right now I feel like the villain (germs) was getting me down yesterday but now, thanks to my weapon of choice (lots of water, echinacea, vitamin C, and a reasonable amount of rest last night) I will prevail.

Yesterday the battle got serious and today the battle still wages but I'm fighting back and hoping that by tomorrow I will have kicked this thing. That's especially true since I don't expect to get much sleep this weekend, socializing with the smart people and such. Then again, for smart people they don't seem to have many good ideas for Saturday night fun times.

Don't worry, friends. I'm going to pull through this. Through this struggle I've even learned a few things, like every hero should. Kleenex, the facial tissue with the name that everyone uses, is kind of terrible. After a day of filling up my garbage can with them I went home yesterday and my nose hurt. I found a box of Puffs under my bed and they solved all the nose pain brought about by eight hours of Kleenex use - with just one tissue! Yes, in this epic battle, I choose Puffs to be my sidekick and Kleenex can be the back up sidekick for when the Puffs run out.

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