February 23, 2012

I am observed.

I'm thinking of changing this blog's name to "being watched by Douglas street" or "Douglas street is watching me" although that might come off as a little too creepy/paranoid.

Yesterday a strange man walked by and was staring in the windows. This isn't really odd but he kept waving at me. He waved really slowly at me as he walked by and then, once he'd passed my line of sight, backed up and slowly waved at me again before going on his way.

There is also a rather large woman who frequently passes by. At first I thought she might be pregnant but then I saw her smoking the other day and decided that no, not pregnant, just rather large. She stares at me sometimes when she walks by. I try not to stare back. I fear confrontation with her.

There is another man who pushes his shopping cart around Douglas everyday. Sometimes it's almost empty and other times, like yesterday, it's so full that he has to drape himself in garbage bags filled with bottles and the like. Yesterday they were hanging from around his neck. He was fully loaded.

My personal favourite, from a distance of course, is the man who also pushes a shopping cart, but does so wearing a black and white spotted cowboy hat. I'm pretty sure it's the fake hair kind, too. He looks like a down and out pimp. It's absolutely fascinating. I don't think he watches me but I'm okay with that. I couldn't handle our worlds colliding like that. He's just too fabulous.

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