January 10, 2012


Wow. This day is very slow and kind of cozy. It's cold in here so the heater's on, the sun's shining, I'm drinking tea, and reading online. Add some sweat pants and a big hairy dog eating floor cheerios and I'm pretty much at home.

I have one task today but I need the boss to talk me through it. Something to do with taxes. The bank closes in about an hour and he's currently elsewhere so I can't ask him. I feel like a lot of my job is waiting. Oh well, I'm getting paid to read online books, newspapers, and look at Facebook. Remind me again why my degree was so useful for this position? Never mind. Who cares when you're making steady pay and don't have to wear a uniform?

With Karl's brother and sister-in-law in town last week we didn't get a lot of time to be at home and just... be. It was fantastic seeing them and getting to hang out all week but it's nice getting back into the normal routine. They left on Sunday and last night I finally got the chance to fold my mountains of laundry. Not my favourite task. I'd probably rather scrub the toilet. There's just two of us, our place is small, our bedroom is miniature, and yet we filled over 2 laundry baskets of folded stuff that needed to be put away. That's not even counting the overflowing hamper that needs to be washed.

Sometimes I don't think I have time to work full time and that being a housewife would be a better use of my time. Laundry was not the only chore that got neglected over the holidays; you can only put off cleaning the bathroom properly for so long.

Can I just say, I love the semi-colon. I'm pretty sure I use it correctly, too. I was reading a book the other day and I saw the most terrific misuse of it ever that I wanted to share it with someone. I think Karl was home, but I knew he wouldn't appreciate it. The sentence went something along the lines of "Bill; Cindy; and Jennifer were going to the pool" but it was oh so much worse.

This is the twelfth and final book in the series I'm reading and I've noticed more spelling and straight up wrong word use as the series has progressed. Do editors just get tired part way through and assume that since the writer's made it this far they must know what they're doing by now? I think I'd be more disappointed if this series was really good. When you really like something it's pretty distracting to get bogged down by all the typos. The same thing goes for television. It's so distracting watching a show where the character/actor's accent is inconsistent.

It has finally stopped raining and the weather's gotten colder. I'm enjoying it. It isn't below zero and my outside time is limited so I'm not miserable and I also get to wear my gorgeous new winter coat. Somehow I got the feeling that wool and rain weren't going to go too well together. The only downside is that my normally stellar early arrival time at the office was totally destroyed this morning by a frozen car. Karl waxed it a while ago and now water pools on it. It's not a big deal except that every time my window frosts my door freezes shut. Good thing I've got muscles or something. My normal three minute car commute took ten today thanks to unprecedented traffic. I almost regretted taking a little more time than usual to look good today. (I had coffee with a friend and it's important to look your best when hanging out with people you see only once every few months) I guess I shouldn't be surprised that there's more traffic in front of an elementary school at 8:25 in the morning now than there was in December when school was out.

Oh, Douglas, your sudden cloud cover is going to rip me off of my sunset, isn't it?

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