January 09, 2012

Me versus the coffee maker

I've been spending a fair amount of time researching coffee distributors and espresso machines for the office. I've narrowed it down to a $1250 machine that I think the boss should buy and two or three coffee places in town. Finding one was quite the process. This morning I had a new opponent though: the coffee machine. In my limited experience with non-industrial sized brewers this has never happened before. The thing burped in my face while I was filling it up. I didn't even know coffee machines could do that. But nope, steam bubble in the face while pouring in the water. I feel like it's angry with me for looking into getting it a new and fancier cousin.

Speaking of that fancier cousin, $1200 espresso machines are really nice, and I highly recommend that everyone go and ask for a demo of them. You'll feel rich, powerful, and afterwards you'll have a caffeine rush from sampling the espresso. I'm not sure that I've ever sipped an espresso shot before but my goodness it was good.

Today I got to carry on the coffee theme and go get cream and milk from the store. Not terribly exciting but I got to walk in the cloud of fragrant smoke that the person was making. Nice, Douglas. Way to stay classy.

On a final note, I need to mention the bathrooms in my work place. Maybe I'm crazy and sticking to old gender stereotypes, but the door with the person wearing a dress is for ladies, correct? Also, that handle on the side of the toilet is for...? I'm starting to understand how disgusting working in an office with 11 men can be.


  1. Why would your office require such an expensive espresso maker?

  2. Quality. There's a pretty big jump in price between the cheaper models and this one. They go from around $300 to $1000 pretty quick without much in between. It's super automated so that helps with 14 people in the office.


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