January 05, 2012


This post is dedicated to chocolate.

I have brought more of my Christmas chocolate to work than I care to admit and eaten half of it at my desk today. My afternoon snack is caffeine in the form of chocolate. So good. Good thing I plan on walking  to work sometimes.

Today Douglas didn't disappoint. I saw a motor cycle cop pull someone over. Terribly exciting! I think they went down a side street though so even though I tried I couldn't snoop.

Well, the big news today is that Jars of Clay are coming to Canada. Shame the country isn't small. Also a shame that my friends never told me that they and Jars of Clay were going to be at Breakforth. Together. At the same time. I'm not sure how I'll forgive them for that one, but I do know that I wouldn't have gone either way. My biggest fear is that, like last time they made it to BC, I'll be away. I might be in Vancouver (not the UK) or California. Chances are they won't even come here but if they did I guess I'd have to do some life prioritizing. I can tell you right now, I'd probably spend an obscene amount of money to see them again. I have weird priorities.

I tend to get really excited about stuff when there really isn't any reason to be.

Another car pulled over! Apparently it takes a rocket scientist to understand that the cop car behind you with the lights and noises wants you to pull over. What a good day!

Update: Kia pulled over right in front of my. Those cops must be bored. That makes 3. In the end the driver and passenger switched spots. Hmm... Spooked or busted?

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  1. Chocolate is a food group. Generations of your Desborough kin will tell you this.. (including moi, your uncle)


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