January 06, 2012


Funny how last week I said it was silly to post everyday when there's nothing to say. Ironic how I've only worked three days this week and this is my fourth post.

This morning I finally found out where Jars of Clay are playing in BC: Kelowna. Normally Karl and I would use that as an excuse to go crash at his aunt and uncle's out there but I just don't think it's going to happen. They play a Saturday, we'd leave after work Friday, battle winter roads, get there obscenely late, or possibly die in an avalanche, see the show, then turn around and do it all again 36 hours later. Like I said, not something I normally have a problem with, but since it was seven years between the last two times I saw them I think I can stretch it out a little past 10 months. Besides, I have a terrible track record for getting sick every time we go to Kelowna. Karl's aunt is a wonderful lady, though, and even though I must seem like a crazy sick person, she always looks after me.

I must be maturing or something.

For some reason this three day week continued to drag on and on and on. Today I failed and didn't get to go play with espresso machines at the store, but I got to go to Canadian Tire. My second day in a row there made me feel like a real low-budget Canadian.

I guess a blog is a place for all of your deep thoughts to be put out there for the internet to read and judge. Today I really didn't have any. We can argue about my other days another time.

Am I even using this blog for what I made it seem like I was? Is that disappointing? Do you feel like you were brought here under false reasons and now I'm just ranting about my Jars of Clay fascination like I have for the past seven years? Douglas, it turns out, isn't actually that interesting. At least I can talk.

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