January 04, 2012

January 4th: Round Two

Oh it's a day of thinking back upon the good old days. Just kidding. The good old days did not involve any form of free education. It is looking like a two blog post day, though. Woah! It's getting real exciting now.

I'm enjoying not being in school. I haven't once missed going to class or writing a paper since the summer ended. There are things I do mourn, though. Free pancakes in the SUB, for instance. Never up to gourmet standards they were generally edible and a nice distraction from classes and readings. Also, a nice social tool and not something I would ever do alone.

I also miss coffee. One, sometimes two, cups a day was just so good. I can't drink it anymore, not like I used to thanks to my tendency towards migraines. I know, I'm 23 and ancient. It's surprising the number of people I've talked to that have had to give up on the coffee since finishing university.

There's  only one other thing I really miss from university and that was something I only seriously started doing in fourth year: sleeping in the library. In third year I may have experimented a little but not like I did in fourth. I never really knew how comfortable those chairs on the library stairs were, or how convenient it could be just to turn one towards a window and pull up my hood. Yep, those were definitely the days. Who needed 8 hours of sleep when you had coffee and library naps? There's coffee at my new job all day long, not that I can drink more than half a glass of it, and comfy couches too. Somehow I don't think me napping on my lunch break on the communal couches would be the same thing. It might be frowned upon, or at the very least make people exceedingly uncomfortable. "Anna's snoring again..."

Coincidentally, today during lunch I started doing the head nod on the couch and while I thought about just shutting my eyes for a couple minutes I was strong and opted for my other taboo university favourite. The coffee's really old and I had to microwave it which I'm pretty sure makes it automatically taste worse. The bottom of the pot sludge is definitely making the afternoon look up, though. I can feel it coursing through my veins (the quarter cup I've already consumed) and I am so ready for the phone to ring. After my last plea via post for it to ring off the hook things actually picked up.

To carry on with the tone of my last post, I've been filling in some pretty exciting dates in my day planner. In a month I'll be accompanying one of my smarter friends to an invite-only smart person conference. To give you some perspective, this International Honours Society has had members over the years that included two of the more famous Bills, Cosby and Clinton, and Desmond Tutu. I'm hoping I can masquerade as a member, not a guest. According to their website, these people are not bookish, they're learned. Interestingly enough, according to my day planner, that weekend also coincides with Super Bowl Sunday. Apparently these are the important dates, folks, that can't be missed.

Last Friday I put away all the Christmas decorations in the office. People accused me of being heartless and hating Christmas. I was strong, though, and did it all without breaking down. I have to do the same thing tonight but at least at home I get to partake in my favourite new tradition: wine and decorating.What could be more tedious than putting away all the happy colourful things in the house (cave)? I'd rather just leave them up and enjoy the happy lights, except that if I did that I'm pretty sure Karl would eventually break them.

I have another new task around the office: the weekly care of plants. You may not know this about me, but the only living things in my place are Karl and I and the occasional man eating spider, but they don't live longer than they elude me for. It's a good thing I have a strong heart otherwise they might outlive me. I digress. We do not have plants. I kill plants. When I was a teenager I had a nice little potted plant theme going on in my bedroom. There were a couple flowers, a mini tree, and a mini pepper plant. They all died long, agonizing deaths, brought about by a diet that consisted of no water for weeks, to too much water when I did remember. Some went moldy. Some went skeletal. All I can say is, the plants look a little wilty this week in the office but I already watered them Thursday or Friday last week. I was given strict instructions not to over water them, being worse than the alternative I guess, so I'm being careful. If I lose my job, it'll only be because I left a trail of dead houseplants in my wake.

I'm starting to think that I should limit my posting to after lunch so that I can combine my lunchtime epiphanies alongside my morning grumblings in an attempt to make everything a little more balanced and entertaining for us all.

I think my little section of Douglas would be more entertaining if we were a little closer to the intersection and I could watch pedestrians and cars duke it out for right of way. Or if the Vacation Inn actually had any customers.

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