January 20, 2012

Not a real green dress, that's cruel

Finally, just a few hours away from the end of a long, cold week.

I have a strong desire to play Angry Birds on the computer here while I wait for five o'clock to show up, but I feel like, while I could probably get away with it, I'd like to try and look as professional and mature as possible. That's why I read and only sometimes play Scrabble when I think no one's looking.

My loving husband took me to Serious during my lunch break. I broke down and got a decaf London Fog, thinking it would balance out my coffee from this morning. Terrible idea. London Fogs make me so happy because of the caffeine, sugar and dairy combination. Take away the caffeine and it's nap time in front of the heater. I wish...

Even though the roads are pretty much clear now (at least Douglas is) I just a commissionaire look a little wobbly on his scooter as he went through some slush trying to turn a corner. It looked like an almost bail to me. I'm sure different people have different feelings about that "almost" outcome.

I walked to Lifestyles today. Certain sidewalks in front of certain restaurants are still totally snowy and have clearly not been salted, sanded, or shoveled. I should write my MLA or something about this. It's hasn't snowed for days!

Last night I was doing some deep thinking as I sang in the shower. "If I had a million dollars..." Finish that sentence. Yes, I'd be rich, but what would I do? I don't think I'd retire. I'm way too young for that and would be incredibly bored. I might volunteer instead of work, which I guess is like retirement, but I think I'd still want to be a working woman. I am not useless and, like I said last time, I enjoy having a brain that is not totally jelly.

A million dollars really isn't that much money, though, when you look at housing costs here in Victoria, though. So. If I had a billion dollars I'd:

  • Buy a house with a walk-in closet, dishwasher, back deck, possibly front porch, two car garage, and some amount of private backyard complete with grass.
  • Furnish my house.
  • Hire someone to fold the laundry.
  • Donate half of it (the whole billion, not what was left over after the house stuff) to charities and causes I get excited about. 
  • Buy a green Mazda 2 because I like the colour.
  • Do some shopping and forget the clothing budget
  • Drink a lot of London Fogs.
  • Get eye surgery. 
  • Go see a concert of my choice in a city of my choice because I can afford it. I'd also bring Karl.
  • Help my parents own their own houses.
  • Invest it. Make that money grow! 

It's amazing how little there is that I would actually do with a billion dollars. Not that I'll ever have that much money, let alone a million, but it's nice to dream. I would also probably use really nice yarns when I knit things. Nothing would ever be acrylic unless I really really wanted it to be.

Okay, the list keeps getting longer and longer. I keep thinking of silly little things that I'll probably do anyway. Sometime. In the future.

If I had a million dollars I don't think I'd be rich for very long; a billion dollars is a different story. Maybe I'd become an entrepreneur?

What I do know is that I wouldn't want to become one of those people that lives in a stupidly large house, has a maid, cook, housekeeper (different from a maid?), and 18 cars. We're simple people. I'm sure four, maximum five, cars would keep us happy.

We definitely wouldn't eat Kraft Dinner, that's for sure.

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