January 23, 2012

It's okay, I know first aid

There's a window washer outside.

I can't see him but I can see his ladder. He's cleaning the windows for our upstairs neighbours. I've never been on a ladder higher than I can reach before so maybe I just don't understand how they work. While I can't see the window washer himself, aside from the occasional shoe, I can see his ladder wiggling back and forth. Is that normal? It looks absolutely terrifying. He's just leaning against the side of a many-windowed building with nothing to support him ten feet up aside from the two legs of the ladder and the top of it leaning against the building. Or possibly windows?

He's slowly going lower and lower on the ladder so now I've got a pretty good view of the lower half of his body. He keeps sticking one leg out and leaning. I wonder if that's the actual etiquette for cleaning windows or if this guy is just overly confident in his ability to float. I also wonder if workers' comp covers falling off a ladder because you were leaning too far. If a big truck comes by while he's stretching and balancing I feel like he'll fall. I'm not even going to get into what wind like we had this weekend could do because it was enough to send trees, let alone ladders, falling everywhere.

There's an old woman outside asking him for directions now. It's kind of ridiculous.Can't she see he's going to die?

Speaking of ridiculous, today Tim Hortons instituted its "big" changes. I ordered my first small steeped tea. In the half hour or so I spent at Timmy's I saw three people walk out with the new 24 oz beverages. The cup is so big it looks like it's going to tip over. I can't imagine drinking 24 oz of anything at a time. I usually end up drinking half of my 10 oz "small" long after it's gotten cold. I'm not judging people for being fatties when they buy the new XL because I'm going to assume that they're getting a double double still, and coffee, according to Tim himself, has zero calories.Wow, though. Just wow.

In case you were wondering, no one died during the writing of this blog.

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