January 19, 2012

And the afternoon drags...

One thing the bar totally had over this place: watching movies when it was slow. That's what I want to do today. Watch movies at my desk while sitting in front of the heater with a nice cup of coffee. One can dream. What? That isn't what happens at most jobs? At least my paychecks make up for that, I guess.

So it is yet another slow day in the office. A few phone calls, pretty much full staff, a bit more coffee chatter, but very little else. I had a nice chat with the boss lady (not to be confused with the boss man, who is actually the big boss) this morning. We talked about giving me some more responsibilities like testing and such which would be nice. The thing is, while I do enjoy slow days every once in a while, they are best when they follow super busy ones. I know I'm young and pretty much in my prime so I don't want my brain to turn to jelly just yet. I have a feeling I'll need it some day.

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