January 16, 2012

My new relationship

To start off, I've been perusing the headlines and the one that hits closest to home for me today has to do with Tim Hortons making a new extra large size coffee. Honestly, my days of extra large steeped tea are over and I only get a large when I'm feeling particularly naughty, so an even bigger XL isn't going to have any effect on my life. The reason I'm so excited about this is that they're renaming the small as extra small. That's what I'm excited about. Finally! Nowhere else sells an 8 oz cup of coffee and calls it a small (at least Starbucks doesn't and that's what I know best - their 8 oz size isn't even advertised!), let alone a 10 oz being a medium.

So why the Tim Hortons rant? My mom always orders the wrong size. She wants a medium, asks for a small. She wants a large, asks for a medium. Maybe this 24 oz addition means we're all getting fatter and fatter, but my poor mother has such a hard time ordering the size of tea she wants that I generally step in and do it for her. "She just said small but she meant medium. Give her a medium or she'll cry." To be fair, I think she's finally figured it out so when this all changes (next week apparently) she'll be ending up with more tea than she knows what to do with when she orders her large steeped tea double cream. The point is, I'm excited about the new Tim Hortons' sizes. Apparently no one who decided to comment on the Globe and Mail article where I got this from I read is, though.

I never said I wasn't a simple person without simple interests.

You may have noticed my distinct lack of action on the blogging front since last Wednesday. It's because I started a new relationship that's taking up all of my time. Its name is Omnitech 6-Sheet Cross-Cut Shredder and we're very happy together. Imagine this, over two feet of paper to be shredded and the cheapest shredder Staples had to offer. I didn't think it would be a happy match, but man, that thing and I developed an understanding with each other and I never once got mad at it. It's kept me so nice and busy that this is the first real downtime I've had in the office since Thursday morning.

It's been nice to be busy, and two full industrial size garbage bags of paper shredding later I can appreciate the little lull. Friday also saw me scrapping frosting (decorative, not edible) off some interior windows with a razor and damp towel. Today I restocked our tuck shop and put away a giant Costco purchase that took half the morning. I don't know if this stuff should annoy me because it's so menial and I have a degree (therefore making me deserving of so much greatness and special treatment) but I really don't care. I'm so used to this stuff that it doesn't faze me and it's not like it's my day in and day out job. I actually felt pretty handy scraping the stuff off the windows. I kept thinking Karl might be impressed.

Since I started here I've become totally caffeine dependent. I'm trying to keep a handle on it but I just love it so much. It's not out of control, just once in the morning and then around lunch. For some reason my afternoon caffeine fix cravings come in the form of London Fogs. At almost $5 each it's such a waste but they're all I want. Not just tea, so much more exciting, but not as much caffeine as coffee. For some reason Serious Coffee, although moderately cheaper, doesn't make them as good as Starbucks, either. It's a five minute walk to Starbucks so it's actually quite a nice little break, but still. Since I'm also trying to limit my fake sugar intake (for the sake of my brain) I'm not getting sugar-free syrup anymore, either. It's just so tempting! So good! So going to cancel out the perks of walking to work...

I've been reading the second Bridget Jones book for the past couple days so if I start going on with too much information, that's probably why. Rest assured, I promise to maintain my integrity and keep references to shags or fags to a minimum.


  1. Good to hear you don't *really* have a caffeine problem. You just like it a lot... yeah, so, about that...

  2. Yeah... I want it more than I think I should, but I can say no because I know it'll make me hate my life if I get too into it.

    Also, when I said that the headline that hit closest to home had to do with Tim Hortons I probably should have said that I was reading some other interesting and tragic news stories that were really interesting and intellectual as well. They just don't affect my day to day life living. I just chose to go a lighthearted route...


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