January 17, 2012

Snow. Coffee. Recycled clothing.

Well, it's official, the apocalypse is coming in form of fluffy rain falling from the sky.

I hate snow.

I thought I could handle the bit we were having because it's light and fluffy and not covering much. And it's so pretty! We're past that stage now, though, and it's becoming a hazard to my lifestyle.This is happening. It's sticking to the road now, and Douglas is a well traveled road. Under no circumstances should it have snow on it, according to me. I'm an only child so what I say goes.

Last night I went to clothing swap at a friend's. If you are a female and have never done this you need to give your head a shake and plan one ASAP. They're amazing. I have gotten so many awesome things over the past year or two that we've been doing these. Last night was a pristine example of the magic of the clothing swap. The weekend Karl and I started dating I went to Superstore and discovered the clothes there. I bought a dress. Not really a dress person, it was a bit impulsive. I'm not sure if I ever wore out of the house. This was 4 1/2 years ago. I eventually gave the dress away at a clothing swap because I just never wore it. Last night it turned up again and I am now, amazingly, a dress person. Maturity. Ta daaaa! I'm totally wearing my clothing swap re-find at work today.

Clothing swaps are also nice because they always seem to happen when I need something clean to wear to work the next day and haven't done laundry.

That was a tangent. Walking home from the clothing swap it was snowing and it was lovely. Peaceful, bright, quiet, not sticking to much, and definitely better than rain. While I guess there is something nice and peaceful about the rain, it's more an indoor peace, whereas snow can be appreciated while walking in it. Generally speaking. It's the slushing through it that ruins my life. Yes, I live in a place that doesn't know how to handle this kind of weather, and it never sticks long enough to be anything but dirty slush that just makes you soaked and freezing.

Now for the office update.

This morning I organized an informal office coffee tasting. We have two coffee makers so I did it the easy way and used what resources we have. No french presses here! Well, there are, but that's not in my job description. I printed off a feedback page with the option to rate the coffees in three different ways and then made a spot for people to write about their feelings if they felt the need to further express themselves. I made "I will not drink it," "I will drink it because I have to," and "I enjoy drinking it" the options. I have to say I'm pretty pleased with the smiley or frowny faces that people responded with. I personally think the new coffee I introduced this morning tastes like dirt.

I think it's safe to say that today is going to be slow. There's something about snow that just makes the world feel like it's slowing down and hibernating. Even if I am at work.

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