January 04, 2012

January one I've got a lot of things on my mind

Let's recap the highlights of the past few days, shall we?

December 31st: Altered Monopoly. Made it a drinking game. Played child sized twister with adult sized people. Many police were at the neighbours' making the New Year a brightly lit time. 

January 1st: Got my first prank call. Four times in a row. Used grown up language when staying calm but firm with annoying teenager on the other end.

January 2nd: Bought new jeans. Got reintroduced to Angry Birds.

January 3rd: Sat in bird poop in new jeans. Went for desert with Christopher and Natalie after a successful Disneyland planning session. Angry Birds.

So 2011 has ended and we had a slightly underwhelming party. I wasn't surprised by the turnout although I have to admit I was a little disappointed. That's what happens when you double book people. We ended up having a great time with who was there, though. Karl built himself a fort out of pillows and blankets thanks to Quelf and we ended the year on a more  ridiculous note than I would have thought he'd allow.

I don't believe in New Years' resolutions or that anything particularly interesting comes with January first but it's worth making my predictions:

-Last year I predicted that one of our friends would get pregnant before the year was out. Check.
-This year I predict the baby boom will continue with at least two more people we're close with procreating.
-I predict one engagement.
-I also predict rain, sun, wet snow, and clouds at some point throughout the next 12 months.

Today's my first day back from a four day weekend. Last night I didn't sleep well. I dreamt about angry birds controlling my sleeping time. It was very distressing, dreaming about not getting enough sleep and then thinking I was getting more sleep. There's nothing worse than stressing about a lack of sleep while being in a position to get enough. Well, dreaming about school is pretty rough too. Not university, high school, and sometimes elementary. Dreaming of work and old crazy bosses is also kind of rough. After a night of my brain on overdrive I'm feeling a little... unrested.

Douglas is boring today. I am also quite brain dead. Again, I'm feeling the anxiety of not doing enough work when there's a list of stuff in front of me to accomplish. I'm practicing my procrastination techniques to avoid being rained on. Dear phone, please ring off the hook.

On a side note, I used my head hunter training when someone called looking for the boss' email address today. Those were the days...

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