December 30, 2011


I have started several posts this week and abandoned them all because of sheer lack of interest on my part. Posting for the sake of posting, even if I have nothing to say, I think will make this a very boring place to visit. Yesterday I was sure that I was going to do a post but I ended up getting busy. With work. It's amazing!

Today marks my two week anniversary and I am not looking for another job. This hasn't happened for a while. I'm aware, though, that my employers here have another two and a half months to decide whether they like me enough to keep me. I am incredibly charming and excellent at my job so it's not likely that they'll get rid of me, but having been "let go" once before it's always at the back of my mind. That was one of those moments where you know you'll laugh about it later and yet inwardly cringe. I did what on my first day?

There are things about this job that remind me of working at SGI. I've been given the task of stepping outside of my comfort zone (which is "You tell me what to do and I'll do it, boss") and asked to make some pretty big purchases for the company. I'm absolutely terrified of buying the wrong things, spending more money than the company wants, or doing the complete opposite and cheaping out. Well, I am a Desborough at heart.

After having a busy day yesterday I am now sitting here with limited things I can do. I know I need to get coffee, I should probably go to Canadian Tire and start my buying spree, but the boss is in a meeting and I need to ask him to answer the phone. So I'm sitting here, awkwardly, not working which shouldn't feel so wrong except that yesterday I did work and today I'm just chilling. Do people still say chilling?

I walked to work today because my car decided to stop working in Langford last night. When I woke up this morning it sounded like there was a storm brewing but my walk was actually really pleasant. Pleasant if you count walking past warehouses and busy streets a good time. It was a little windy but totally worth it. As I've been writing this, though, the weather has definitely made a change. I watched Douglas go from sunny and promising to rainy and dark. Right about now Douglas is drowning in a downpour that makes me thankful it's well above freezing.

New Year's Eve is tomorrow so Karl and I are having a last minute party that conflicts with another one. I'm going to attempt a five layer dip (the healthier cousin to the seven) that's more labour intensive than I anything I normally do. It's a week of culinary triumphs for me. I used zucchini in pasta, too. No big deal.

On a less triumphant note, today I misspelled my last name. I almost labelled my employee folder as MORON, Anna. That would be have been hard to argue with.

I'm sure this has been as delightful for you to read as it was for me to write. I am now going to take down the office Christmas tree. I'm such a busy bee!

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