January 24, 2012


I'm a grumpy bear.

Part of this has to do with the fact that pretty much everything I'm wearing is totally synthetic. When did dress pants become the go-to professional wear when they're made totally out of some sort of scratchy polyester blend? Why did I think it would be a good idea to pair those pants with a polyester/lycra shirt and cardigan that's pretty much polyester and lycra as well. Maybe there's a little spandex in there, too. Who knows? I'm sick of wearing jeans to the office and feeling more casual than business but the alternative combination is just so... yucky. Ever have one of those days where you feel like you're wearing clothes that belong to someone else? Not a good start.

I'm drinking decaf Nespresso. It's actually delicious, but I figured caffeine would probably make me grumpier. Maybe it's the surge of caffeine in my life that's making this morning less than ideal. I'm such an 85 year old.

Maybe part of why I'm grumpy is because I had to get out of my warm bed this morning after finally getting a good night's sleep. No one kneed me in the back or yelled at me for taking too much space on my side of the bed.

Last night may have some effect on today's rotten mood as well. I went to a Tupperware party last night, which was a lot of fun (as much fun as you'd expect something like that could get), but I left the house to go to it in the wrong frame of mind. I was late, hadn't eaten my dinner yet, and was getting lectured while I was trying to get ready for caring that I didn't look like a greasy hobo. And why did I care so much about not looking like a greasy hobo? Because I hung out with a whole bunch of girls (women) last night, some of whom (did I get that right? I was just feeling it) I feel like are judging my every single move.

I have also now committed to hosting my own Tupperware party. I don't mind, I think it'll be fun, and I get to support a friend who's going into the business. I also got a free salad dressing shaker thing. I'm grumpy because I don't think anyone will want to come to another one, I have very few friends I could invite that weren't there last night (aside from my mom and Karl's) and already people were making snarky comments about how ridiculous it was to host another party.

I'm grumpy because I'm at work, getting paid more money than I've ever made before, and doing pretty much nothing for 6 hours out of my work day. I'm bored. I'm grumpy and bored and wearing polyester and playing over last night in my head and I feel like my brain is turning to jelly. At least when I had paper to shred I had something to do.

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