January 18, 2012

Snow rant

Today the radio was saying to pretty much just stay home. It's a snow day in Victoria for all the schools (except those of higher learning, which is typical) and they really weren't kidding about how gross it is outside. I woke up this morning to the radio saying that the Victoria and Sooke districts were both closed. It's not very often that Victoria makes the decision before 7 am so I knew it was going to be bad. Karl, of course, is a manly man so he drove to work.

Seriously though, walking to work wasn't very fun. It was nice for part of it, with hardly anyone out or even on the major roads. Peaceful, quiet, snowing not in my face. Let's just say, it got worse. Halfway here I was walking through drifts with snow blowing in my face. I slipped four times on the way to work. I didn't fall, and luckily I think only one of those times had spectators. It was a good work out for my calves, though, and made me feel better about skipping out on yoga yesterday.

Today I didn't get a London Fog during my lunch and I can feel its absence already. What is it about those things that are so addictive?

The horrible snow is now all grey and disgusting on Douglas. I watched a snow plow doing something close to warp speed go by earlier. I guess those things mean business. Can't imagine they stop that quickly though...

Oh whatever, it's snowing, I think I'll get over it. Somehow. I'm hoping this is the end of it. They just changed tomorrow's forecast to say it's not going to snow. Thank God! I'm not ready for rain, but I'm certainly ready for life to be able to function normally again.

Talking about the weather is fun, isn't it? No? Okay, fine.

The office is still looking for coffee solutions. The boss opted out of the gorgeous espresso machine for something a bit smaller and simpler which made a lot of sense in the end. We got a Nespresso machine for 1/4 of the other machine's price and it has a milk frother which is completely silent! I was blown away.

I did another office coffee tasting this morning. Not as successful as yesterday's in terms of feedback but I think people are appreciating the new options. When I was putting the grinder away afterwards, though, I got smoked in the eyebrow with the cord. Pretty sure I have a bruise on my eyebrow now but you can't really tell. I'd hate for people to think my husband beats me, or worse, that I'm an idiot that can't handle herself against kitchen appliances.

Once again, it's very slow today and there's not much to do since the new machine's been broken in. I'm reading a book online but it gets a little long and tedious reading all day. I should say, however, that there was a new Special People this morning which helped it make a nice recovery.

RANT update: Don't businesses have a responsibility to clear their sidewalks, just like residences? It stopped snowing hours ago and 10 am has come and gone as well, so how come 90% of the sidewalks are ankle deep?


  1. Thanks for the Special People link. :)

  2. No worries, Im. You've got to support the things you like. Like Jars of Clay and chocolate chip cookies.


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