October 12, 2016

Left. Right. Left.

We celebrated Thanksgiving this weekend and it was marvelous. Except that half the people at supper on Sunday were sick Monday and it snowed all weekend, but aside from that it was fantastic. The family and I drove to Edmonton where we stayed with friends and played games, ate dairy-free doughnuts, hit up IKEA, crafted with yarn scraps, and had a fabulous mom date that involved Starbucks, H&M, a children's consignment store, and two thrift stores. And then we ate turkey and it was good.

Parker and I flew home Monday. It was a bold move considering how well things went last time, but only involved 90 minutes of two children compressing my bladder instead of 7 1/2 hours in the car with just one kicking my insides. Let's just say, things went better, but I still had flashbacks. I also may have had to use the airplane bathroom on our 90 minute flight. It wasn't actually that bad, seeing as teeny tiny spaces don't really leave anywhere for crazy toddlers to go. I felt pretty accomplished and am surprised no one clapped and cheered when I walked back to my seat. I am Super Mom with an incredibly small bladder.

Parker stayed true to form and passed out with 20 minutes left in the flight.

When we got home I dropped Parker off at the neighbours' so I could run to the grocery store. It was snowing, I needed to install his car seat, and he'd already had a long day of travelling. I figured playing with other children would be more fun than picking out bananas. When I got back they were feeding him supper. When we move I'm taking them with us. I love them.

Normally Karl runs the bath time show while I clean the kitchen. Karl wasn't around, though, so it was up to me. I decided it would be the perfect time to introduce Parker to his first bubble bath. He didn't understand at first, then loved it. He also kept trying to put the bubbles in his eyes. The whole lavender scented experience was so relaxing for him, in fact, that he decided to just let it all out. In the poop department. I'm so #blessed.

This morning Parker woke up an hour early and decided to chase me around the house whining all morning. I was so excited to drop him off at daycare and escape to work that I put my boots on the wrong feet. I noticed two hours later after I'd taken my wrong footed feet to daycare, Starbucks (because the sun wasn't even up when Parker was), and around my office for two hours. I miss coffee.

We have our small group tonight, so my friend that watches Parker/is the pastor's wife/hosts small group told me I should just leave him there after work and take a couple hours to myself before coming over for dinner. I love her, too. Maybe she noticed my boots and didn't tell me.


  1. You are a trooper. Airplane bathrooms are hard enough to navigate on your own, let alone with a toddler. And one sitting on your bladder.

    " In the poop department. I'm so #blessed." This is cracking me up. Glad Parker enjoyed the bubbles :)

  2. You are a rockstar lady!! :) Yay for celebrating Thanksgiving.

  3. #blessed hahaha

    I need someone to take me in and feed me supper every night. Isaiah's back on nights so my dinner usually consists of chocolate chips or hot cocoa.

  4. Oh, the poop in the tub. Would you believe that I made it to our 5th kid without ever having this happen? I'm told that's like seeing a unicorn.

  5. Oh my gosh, I put my shoes on the wrong feet this morning too. They felt weird, but it's the first time I've worn them since last year, because they're "cold weather" shoes, so I figured I'd just forgotten what they feel like. I'm so glad I'm not alone!

    Your shopping adventure sounds fun! Ikea is quite a place!

  6. WHEN you move? Are you moving?

    All I could think while reading this is how jealous I am that you have people to watch Parker. Going on no babysitter in 18 months. I'm not hanging in there at all.

    Gracie poops about 60% of the time I bathe her and never for James.


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