October 04, 2016

Lately. Again.

The other day we decided to go Costco. As we were heading out the door I took out all the extra stuff from my purse, like my lunch, book, scarf, etc. so that I wasn't carrying around a million extra things for not reason. Reasonable, right? When we got to Costco I realized that I'd done such a great job of taking all the heavy stuff out of my purse that I'd left my wallet, and that magic Costco card, on the kitchen table. Thank God I'm pregnant so I can totally blame the baby.

A year or so ago I became a real adult and got on the "clean the kitchen before bed" train. I feel like most people know to do this intuitively, but it freaking changed my life. Now my kitchen is always close to being clean! The dishes don't stack up, the dishwasher doesn't sit clean for days on end, and I can actually find things on our kitchen table. Never mind that I'm not stepping on the whole week's ration of floor Cheerios every morning. If I had to make a list of the one thing you need to do to change your life for the better (aside from meeting my friend Jesus) this would totally be it. Life. Changed. I can also flop onto the couch at 8 p.m. guilt free knowing that the mess is gone. Amahhhzing.

We had our last weekend of livable weather this weekend and I had plans. Oh, I had plans. Okay, we were just going to wash our windows, but it was a big thing. We don't wash our windows ever (we're animals), so I was curious how much more natural light we could actually get into our house. Then, oh, the reality of being a parent happened in the form of a tooth. Yep, always with the teething.

After just getting over his awful molars, Parker had another front tooth come in on Saturday and it was a real demon. No one slept. No one could leave the house. He ate a lot of pumpkin muffin comfort carbs and I ate a lot of ice cream when he was in bed. We make a good team.

Now that toothmagedon is over, Parker has an ear infection. It's like it never ends. Karl gets to miss a couple days of work because it could be potentially contagious (HOW?) so I guess they get to enjoy some impromptu male bonding.

Speaking of children, we found out a couple weeks ago that the little kickboxer in my womb is a girl. I've been thinking of her as a girl for over month for no reason and couldn't believe when the tech told us. I cried. Also, when has looking at a labia ever been such a happy event?

I'm going to be honest with you, part of me is terrified of having a girl. I was nervous about having a boy the first time around, but now that I know I'm going to have one of each I'm not really sure what to think. Having a boy meant I'd have to deal with boy things. Figuratively and literally. I've already got one, so how different would having another be? Aside from having to get a second job to feed them when they're teenagers, of course.

Having a girl, though, especially second, means that I'm going to have to go through girl and boy puberty at the same time. Puberty was traumatizing enough going through it once, but having to go through body changes and bra shopping and the hormones all over again gives me the cold sweats. It was hard enough the first time! I'm just praying for a couple of late bloomers so I can delay the inevitable.

In all truth, it's going to be amazing having a little girl and boy. My family is going to be so Hallmark ready, unibrows and all. I'm also so glad that those big decisions like deciding the sex of my children are out of my hands. Like I told my doctor, if someone had put a gun up to my head and told me to pick whether #2 was male or female I couldn't have done it. My little boy is going to be amazing, and so is my little girl. And, bonus, now there's no pressure to have a third! Glory, hallelujah. It's the little things. And the tiny polka dot frilly bottomed pants I bought yesterday.


  1. AMEN to kitchen-cleaning before bed!! There is almost nothing worse than waking up to dirty dishes and have them still waiting for you when you get home from work. A dirty kitchen makes my entire house feel unsettled.

    Yay girl!! Hallmark ready...lol.

  2. Yay for a girl!!! So excited for you guys.

  3. It took years for me to get in the groove of cleaning the kitchen before bed. I've been hooked for a couple years now and there's no going back! I swear it helps me sleep better.

    Gracie is getting several canines at once. We've been living in hell. It will. not. end.

    I can't even think about adolescence. I just can't. The horrors of it all still seem to fresh to me that hopefully it will help me navigate her through it. Plus I can't imagine her crying more then than she does now when she gets a new tooth. Except then it will be about boys. Omg no.

    1. Ok! So. I am creeping in your comments section trying to figure out who we could both know who would've sent you to my blog, and here's Michelle...and this makes no sense! Is this who recommended you? Did she know we both live in regina? Where the heck do YOU live, Michelle? What is going on??

  4. Teeth AND an ear infection! Poor Parker (and you!!) Hope you both get some relief soon!

    I was so sure that we were having a girl. But our little one made it pretty clear I was wrong. I'm so excited/scared/overwhelmed!

  5. The thing with the wallet happens to me all the time. Well, not all the time because I don't clean out my purse very often. But every time I do, I'm sorry later on because I've gotten rid of something important. Same thing with my car!


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