September 12, 2016

What's my name again?

It's Monday. I can tell it's Monday because I've already mispronounced my name once already. I told someone on the phone that my name was Awna. With two syllables you'd think I'd be all over that.

I'm working full time this week because I'm the only person in the office. My lunches are huge. I'm still not confident I won't be making 3 o'clock snack runs, though. I haven't worked a full work day in over 15 months so I'm just not confident in my lunch preparing skills. 

We have a sign on our office door that says to knock loudly. This really isn't necessary since a normal volume knock will do, but today someone BANGED on the door like he was checking for survivors in a burning building. I almost cried.

A few weeks ago I developed a weird rash on my eyelid. It looked exactly like leprosy. I had eye leprosy. I didn't make any friends that week. Except I finally made my doctor laugh for the first time in two years when I him about it so that was progress. It's gone now, by the way.

It's supposed to go below freezing tonight. We're busting out the duvet tonight and I am beyond excited. I bought a new cover for it in March and we never used it, so that might have something to do with my eagerness. I got some new boots in the mail on Friday, too, and am enjoying the actual opportunity to wear them. Can I just can an amen for sweater and boot weather? I wore tights to work under my dress last week and wanted to dance a jig. I love you, autumn.

We had family around on and off for a full month. I love my family and having them around, but I really, really enjoyed this weekend without them. Karl even went away, so it was just Parker and I until Sunday afternoon. It was glorious. For the most part. I got to watch what I wanted on the TV, eat whatever I wanted, and no one judged my extreme pumpkin scone consumption. 

I had the girls over for breakfast on Saturday to celebrate surviving last week (it was a doozy) and it was marvelous. Parker had two temper tantrums in front of everyone, to keep me humble, but it was still good because I got to put him down for a nap and eat cinnamon buns in peace. I will not negotiate with terrorists.

I watched a lot of The Office this weekend. I had a dream one night that I answered my office phone with, "Dunder-Mifflin, this is Pa-Anna." I'm pretty sure it was a dream. 

And now it's time for round two of morning snacks. Pray I don't starve to death later.


  1. Hooray for new boots!!

    I'm 99.9% sure I've mentioned the chick I went to high school with who INSISTED everyone call her "Awna" instead of Anna. I think if a parent wants their kid's name pronounced a certain way they should be forced to spell it phonetically as well.

    You're the only one in the office? You should definitely answer the phone "Dunder Mifflin...this is Pa-anna." Guarantee at least one person will laugh. I would.

    Our FedEx person bangs HARD on our metal front door with their little hand computer thing. It's the ONLY reason I'm grateful that they usually come while I'm at work. I've had so many near-heart attacks I've lost count.

  2. AMEN for fall! Sweaters, and boots, and pumpkins oh my!

    The hunger. Is. Real. You better believe I take full advantage of enjoying snack time (a.k.a second breakfast) with my students in the morning.

    It's so nice to have a break after being surrounded by people for a while; nothing better than having complete control of the remote sometimes!

  3. Yes to fall!! I am so so ready!

  4. I am SO JEALOUS of your sweater weather! It's cooling down to the point that I can wear pants without sweating to death, but it's still hot in the afternoons.

    lolololol at "Pa-anna." Please do it.

  5. So sorry about the eye leprosy. Was your doctor laughing with you, or at you?


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