September 21, 2016


Can we talk about molars and how horrible they are? Have we done this before? They're like giant icebergs trying to break through tiny gums. We were lucky, Parker's first three came through and we didn't even know it. His fourth, though, is killing us so hard. I didn't go to work today because he only napped for 30 minutes Monday and Tuesday at daycare. This is unacceptable on so many levels. He's been so sad and snotty that I just decided to keep him home and do my best to get him sleep today. And, glory Hallelujah, it worked. And, bonus, I got to take a sick day when I'm not sick and no one can blame me for enjoying myself during nap time.

I just finished reading As You Wish, Cary Elwes' memoir about working on The Princess Bride. I currently have the movie on hold at the library (I only had it on VHS growing up) and I just pulled the book off my shelf. I read it 14 years ago so I'm looking forward to having another go at it.

Did you watch This Is Us last night? Can we talk about how good it was? And I how I swore I wasn't going to watch it again if it made me cry but I made sure the next episode was scheduled to record before I'd even stopped sniffling?

I've been craving ice cream for a while now but trying so hard to abstain. Coconut Bliss was not on sale at the grocery store this week and after a month of birthdays and unashamed vegan doughnut eating I've got to slow down. Don't bother telling me I'm pregnant so it's okay, I did this not too long ago and still have 6 extra lbs of cookie-filled regret. I'm also in a wedding six months post-partum, so I'm trying to make life as simple as possible for myself. Anyway, that wasn't my point. My point was that, after all the molar drama and excruciating days of ice cream cravings, last night I kind of caved and made this bad boy. It was amazing and I wish I had eight more to eat right now. But we're out of frozen bananas at the moment, and I feel like that's probably a blessing.

My CD player broke a couple weeks ago. I'm pretty distraught. I've had it since I was 15 or 16 and it's a beast. You know the kind, with the five CD changer and the big speakers. I can't decide if I should spend $25 and get one off Varage Sale or if I should grow up and get one that isn't designed for teenagers. What do grown ups even use for CD players these days?

I feel like we can't go long without a CD player because I hate Regina radio and Parker loves music. That kid can bust a move like no other. Lady Gaga came on the other day while I was watching The Office and he took her to heart and just danced. He also loves The Office theme. He'll stop whatever he's doing and stare at the TV whenever it comes on. It's the only time he ever cares about television. I might put him in accordion lessons someday.

Working full time last week made me so glad I work part time. I never have to deal with traffic, don't need to pack eight meals to get myself through the day, and don't feel like going to bed at 8:30 every Friday.

Okay, I'm going to go have a hot chocolate before I do something I'll regret. Like make an entire batch of these and eat them all before bed.


  1. I'll take an entire batch of fudge balls too!!!! Yum!

  2. I've never actually read The Princess Bride, despite seeing the movie about 1.2 billion times and LOVING Cary Elwes' book. We own it...Isaiah just finished it...I'm behind the times.

    You need to get yourself a good wireless bluetooth speaker and join Spotify (if you haven't already) so you can play any music, any time, anywhere in your house. I have two speaker recommendations if you need them.

  3. I've never read the Princess Bride, but have seen the movie several times.

    The Office theme song is pretty great. I stop whatever I'm doing and stare at the tv whenever it comes on too. :)

    I'm reallllly looking forward to working part time once the baby comes for exactly the reasons you mentioned!

  4. But seriously. I go to bed at 8:30 every Friday. It's awesome. ha! I didn't realize This Is Us was on last night. I'm terrible about keeping up with TV. I do think it looks good! Maybe I'll try to catch the rerun online.

  5. Eat the ice cream!

    The 4th molar about killed us too. It's been two months of it s l o w l y coming in. The canines MIGHT actually be worse. We both cried for 3 hours this morning.

    What do you think of As You Wish?


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