November 02, 2015

It's coming.

Last year at this time was the sickest time of my entire pregnancy. We had people over on Halloween to hand out candy, a couple friends over for dinner, and nearly had some family come for a quick visit. I was so tired I could barely move and so bloated and sick I just wanted to eat french fries and nap for a million years. I was so turned off of all things sugar that I hid a handful of Halloween candy in my underwear drawer for when I was feeling better. It was the first year my candy ever made it to Christmas. And the best part of being so sick? No one knew. Oh, the joys of the first trimester.

This year that same little kid made me sick on Halloween again. He's had a cold since Wednesday and I got it around 11:30 on Friday night as I was cleaning the kitchen, getting ready to have some friends over for breakfast the next morning. 

After the girls left on Saturday morning, Parker and I went into full hibernation mode and parked ourselves on the couch and watched unprecedented amounts of Gilmore Girls. He napped, we snuggled, and eventually Karl showed up from working half the day and they napped, snuggled, and I knit. We were supposed to go to some friends' for a fire, but instead I handed out candy for an hour and a half to the dozen kids that came to our door (whomp whomp) then watched Prison Break all night. Parker didn't even wear his costume. He had it on a couple days before for our mom group and my work's potluck so at least it got a little bit of mileage.

Would you believe that we didn't get a single minion at our door? There were no ladybugs either, but we got a bumblebee so it was acceptable.

Sunday I didn't even see or talk to anyone that hadn't slept in the same bed as me for at least part of the night before. And in case you're wondering how the whole sleeping in his own room thing is going, the answer is just fine. Except for the three whole nights he spent in our bed because he was so congested. There's nothing like being punched in the face first thing in the morning to wake you up. Last night was the first time he made it through the whole night in his crib, which would have been better if he wasn't hogging the only humidifier. Momma's got a cold, too, you know.

All I did yesterday was knit and watch TV. It was terrible and wonderful all at once. When you're the stay at home parent, being sick on a weekend is no longer the worst thing ever. Being sick is never any fun, but it's even less fun when there's a little person depending on you for food and entertainment. Karl left the breastfeeding up to me, and I left the everything else up to him. It was glorious.

My only regret, aside from being sick, is that the weather was really nice this weekend and we didn't get out for a walk. Winter storms are supposed to be coming in this week and with that all the dreaded snow. I'm not excited for Christmas yet, but give me a couple days of snow and the festive nesting will come out in full force. After Remembrance Day, of course.


  1. Good grief, this was like the week for everyone to be sick...I hope Parker didn't catch it from me! ;) And I hope you guys are all feeling better!

    I've been ready for Christmas since about mid-September. What is fall, anyway? We don't really have that. Summer is basically one long fall around here, except it feels weird to eat pumpkin bread and apple cider in July. It's supposed to start dipping into the 20's at night next week though and I'm not mad about it.

  2. Ugh! I just got over being sick too and it was the worst! Some sort of sickness is all over the place and it's crazy.

  3. I was wondering how the sleeping was going, so I'm glad you're surviving the transition! I've found (in my limited experience) that the things that seem like they will be scary or hard aren't actually as bad as I thought. So sorry you were both sick, though! That is no fun. We are absolutely dreading when R has her first illness. I'm hoping she has my superior immune system, because it's a steel trap, baby!

  4. I hope you two feel better soon! I've been so anxious about germs lately and Gracie getting sick. I know it's going to happen sooner or later and she'll be fine, but first time parent problems.

  5. I like the phrase "festive nesting". I'm giving it two more weeks because it's still 65+ degrees here.

    We have several students dressed as minions at my school...maybe it was a bigger thing last year?


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