August 05, 2015

I survived.

I survived my date with my internet mom friend. It went so well I think we'll even be seeing each other again, probably for a walk later this week.

What didn't survive was my dignity. Sometimes coffee dates with new friends go well enough that you need to feed your baby while at them. We were thankfully sitting in a corner booth, and I had my back to the whole restaurant, but Parker was ready to eat off the side that was facing the room.

We've been having some latching issues lately so, while Parker's still getting enough to eat, it's a messier and more awkward process than it used to be. Naturally the side that was ready to feed was the one that we have the biggest challenges with.

I've learned something about myself recently and that's that while I'm a pretty modest person (as much as I can be with mom boobs), nursing covers just don't work for me. It takes longer, it gets messier, and Parker gets more frustrated. What does that leave? A mom with the serious nervous sweats, a hungry baby, and a feeding mechanism that is just more efficient when out for the whole world to see.

So while I survived my first foray into internet dating, my shame and dignity certainly did not. They say you never forget your first time, and I'm certainly not about to forget the first time I saw a nipple in Tim Hortons. Especially since it was my own.


  1. Yikes...well, on the plus side, at least your new mom-friend wasn't some crazy stalker-murderer, and she probably understands the feeding issues very well. On the negative side, I'd probably feel a little odd myself watching someone feed their baby in a coffee shop while I drink coffee with half and half...hehehe...

  2. ^^^ I agree with Angi, at least she wasn't a crazy person. :)

  3. Wow, well done! I used the nursing cover all the time. I remember the first time I used it at a restaurant, some lady gave me the evil eye. I SHOULD have given the evil eye back, but I was young and naive. Next time...

    Seriously though, I'm so impressed with your ability to do it without! Way to go :) Also, most of the time no one can see anything anyways because your baby is covering up the whole thing.

  4. SO PROUD. I nursed in public without a cover for the first time this week too. We have the same nursing cover issues so I'm not going to push it anymore.

    I had two friends over a few weeks ago, and I had to feed Gracie in front of them. They reassured me that they didn't mind, but I think I accidentally flashed them both. So many nervous sweats.

  5. Nice! Glad you're alive :) and glad you survived the feeding!


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