July 13, 2015


There's a sleeping baby strapped to my chest and the crumbs from a piece of chocolate cake in the bowl next to me. It was my second breakfast so it was basically dessert and we all know that every good meal deserves dessert. We can debate the merits of Honey Nut Cheerios as a good meal later on. Right now there's a bowl to lick.

We've just come out the other side of a week and a half of company. First was Karl's mom and then some favourite friends with their two (nearly three!) kids. Three little boys in the house and it wasn't as scary as you'd think. That might be the sleep deprivation talking, but we have a backyard and a big enough basement that I think we did okay. Besides, I have a newborn so fear is a thing of the past, except where he's concerned because I am the biggest worrier there is.

It's been so hot here lately that my coconut oil has been nearly liquid in the cupboard even with the air conditioning on. We have to keep the cake in the basement because the icing will melt upstairs. That, and it will somehow find its way into my second trimester-esque baby belly that much faster.

Confession, there's only one piece of cake left. Parker's been sleeping in his wrap for two hours. If this keeps up I'll have to celebrate with that other piece of cake because he never actually takes that morning nap. Clearly all that company was too much for him and he's going to need to sleep it off all day. We can only hope.

I had this lofty goal that Parker and I were going to walk off the baby weight every day. Outside has been either hotter than the inside of an oven outside or its been smokier than my oven after I forgot those cookies in there the other day. Today might be our day, though, because it's overcast and just muggy. Parker also doesn't seem to hate his stroller anymore so we could go without him alerting the whole neighbourhood to his presence. Oh hey, I probably just jinxed it and we'll have to watch Netflix in the basement all day.

We're at the six and a half week point with Parker here. I know there was life before him, but I can't really remember it. As far as I can tell he's been around since the beginning of time. That can't be right, though, because my house used to be clean sometimes and I read a lot of books. I think, anyway.

Bottom right. My favourite face of all time.

When Karl's mom was here she made the bold prediction that Parker would be just like his cousin/daddy/uncles when they were little and go white blonde. His rebellious nature is starting to come through already because the day after she left his hair started to look strawberry blonde. There may have been some fist pumping. I was hoping Karl's red beard would shine through. Also, that proves that Parker comes from me. I'm no redhead but I'm familiar with Anne of Green Gables and can name almost all the Weasleys.

That kid is 95% Karl. Chin, ears and thumbs are all Morton on him. He has my big gums, though, and those eyes are the best of both of both us. While it doesn't have my bump, I think Parker also has my nose. We can only pray he has Karl's eyebrows.

Have you ever felt a newborn's thighs? It's the most natural anti-depressant there is. Whenever I'm feeling a little down his thighs always cheer me up. Aside from the fact that they're like little sausages, they're the softest thing in the entire world. Cruella de Vil really should have tried to make a coat of baby thighs instead.

And on that note, Mr. Soft Thighs is hungry. Until next time.


  1. Man, I thought I had the world's best pout face until you posted that pic up there...Parker, 1 - Angi, 0.

    I'm dying to see what color hair my kids have. My hair was almost black when I was a baby, now it's medium/dark brown. Isaiah's hair was blonde when he was a kid, now it's light brown. One thing's for sure, if our kid has brown eyes, it's not mine.

  2. Oh man, when we get a photo of all four of our boys, I don't think it will be visible because it will explode from cuteness! I still have to look at the ones on my camera!

    Thanks for having us and letting us take advantage of your AC and love for cake!

  3. So cute. You have the cutest kids ever! Enjoy getting back to real life and decompressing from the company!!

  4. Not two minutes ago did I emerge from the pantry after discovering my liquid coconut oil. Speaking of heat, we've been wanting to walk the baby weight off too, but the heat and mosquitos make it impossible. It's frustrating. I did take her for a long walk Friday night, and I woke up the next morning with 7 mosquito bites. Seven!

    Seriously though, what was life before babies? I could wake up in the morning without immediately wondering if my baby is still breathing and wanting to go back to sleep but also knowing that if I don't feed her my chest will explode. TMI, Michelle.


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