February 20, 2015

We wait for this day all week.

You guuuuuuuys! It’s Friday. Michael’s has a 25% off your whole purchase including sale items coupon today. I’m going to go stand in their yarn aisle for an hour drooling debating over which colours to get. Seriously, last time I went there it took me so long I needed a snack after. Today will be no exception. I will be snack ready.

I ate five vegan doughnuts in two days because I was hungry and they were brought especially from Vancouver by my friend Kim and I didn’t want them to go stale. Also, first apple fritter in years. If ever there was a moment to belly bump this would be it. I need you to know this so that I can accountable. Also so you don’t ask if I’m having twins. Because it’s just one baby and five doughnuts. Man, those doughnuts can kick.
There were six doughnuts in the box but one was some sort of spicy cayenne pepper raspberry. Karl and I just aren’t alternative enough to appreciate that kind of pairing. It felt wrong to throw out a doughnut but we got over it pretty quick when the aftertaste lingered.
The prospect of this weekend just makes me giddy. New yarn and two days off to relish in it? Yes, please. Karl and I are also doing the epic date night this evening. Going for dinner to burn a gift card, buying some paint for the baby’s room (YES!), and then watching Need for Speed on the PVR. Dessert is margarita popsicles. Because married people have all the fun in the world.

Sunday is a fun day for us. The church plant we’re involved with is having its final preview service on Sunday. That means it’s the last chance to work out the kinks before officially kicking off for good at the end of March. I never thought we’d be involved in a church plant, but it’s really exciting. The way everything worked out with it so well, too, makes me think it might be part of the reason we were brought to Regina. Regina needed my baking skills and Karl’s setup abilities to help make this church grow.

Because the church is a mobile church it doesn’t have a permanent Sunday morning building. That means it meets in an elementary school gym Sunday mornings. There are a lot of elementary schools (at least three within easy walking distance) in our neighbourhood and initially the church was at a school a twelve minute walk from home. Not that we walked, because it was -35 and the sidewalks are covered in ice, but still. That’s close. That location didn’t end up working out, though, so now it’s moved to a school that’s a four minute walk from our house. I don’t think we’ll ever drive because it would take longer to find parking than actually walking would. Especially once baby shows up.
Being involved with our small group and now this plant has made living in this arctic tundra a lot easier. It’s given us a chance to get connected with a community and is challenging us to do more than just be pew sitters. And not just because mobile churches can’t fit pews in their trailers.

Today has been a really good day for people sending me pictures of their babies. If you have a child and haven’t sent me adorable pictures of them recently I think it’s time to revaluate your priorities. I accept texts and emails.

I’m starting to get some mild baby fever, probably because of the one growing inside of me at this very moment. We’ll be watching TV, Karl will fast forward through the commercials, a picture of a baby will pop up and I’ll literally squeal or shriek. Baby! It doesn’t help that there are so many baby boys around us.

Karl and I both got really excited when we realized that he’s going to have a NASCAR watching buddy in a few months. For once I probably won’t mind the hours and hours of NASCAR being played on our television as the menfolk get their bonding time in and I get my Anna time in. Or maybe I’ll just sleep on the couch next to them because the sound of those cars going around the track is very soothing. That makes the impending doom of NASCAR season a little more bearable.

I had a total baby brain moment today. I’m on kitchen duty at work this week which basically means I just need to run the dishwasher at the end of the day. No problem. A monkey could do that. All I have to do is open the dishwasher, put the tablet it, close the little tablet’s door, shut the dishwasher, and then turn it on. So. Simple. Well, this morning I found the tablet, after I’d put all the dishes away, in its metallic plastic wrap at the bottom of the dishwasher, looking slightly singed. Because apparently if you don’t take the tablet out of its package it becomes a fire hazard and the dishes don’t actually get cleaned. But... I’m sure the hot water sanitized them. If we all get E.coli feel free to blame me. Hey, I drank out of a dirty glass all day and I’m still here.

P.S. I’m not getting emailed on all of your blog comments. So if I’m not responding within a couple days it’s not because I’m lazy (anymore) it’s because I’m not getting notified (I have no idea why) or you’re a no-reply commenter (i.e. your email isn’t attached to your comment). I still think you’re great.


  1. I'm having the same issues with comments and it's really frustrating! Have an amazing weekend!

    1. I'm not sure why, Jen, but I'm not getting any of your comments. Hopefully it sorts itself out!

  2. I read on someone else's blog recently that they weren't getting notified of comments because whoever was leaving the comments didn't have their blog connected to Google Plus. Which is the stupidest thing ever, everyone hates Google Plus and now they're trying to force it on us. Dumb.

    I want vegan donuts.


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