December 24, 2014

Lately on Christmas Eve

I see a lot of these so I'm going to be incredibly original and take the plunge. Sometimes we all need a little guidance in our lives.

Loving: That it's Christmas Eve. That I'm in Victoria. That it's raining. That I have energy again.

I walked around the golf course yesterday and didn't even need a nap. A snack, maybe, but not a nap.

Goat ice cream. Did you even know this was a thing? It's just plain chocolate and I never knew that chocolate ice cream could taste so good. We accidentally ended up with two containers of it in the freezer (God bless us every one) so I figured I'd do my part and have a second bowl. No regrets. Now that I have the itch to go back to the gym (FINALLY) I know that at least some of my extra calories will get worked off eventually. And the rest will just keep baby warm on that cold Saskatchewan prairie. Win win and more ice cream for ME.

How many babies are going to be born in the first half of 2015. We don't even know about life after June yet. Okay, I'm also kind of terrified of this because I want to knit them all beautiful things but my needles might catch on fire they're going to be working so hard.

Listening to: The fridge whirring away and the occasional siren going by. And the radio.

Watching: Last night we watched National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation for the first time. And then when that was over we watched Jack Ryan. The Christmas movie was better.

Eating: Raisin bran. I switched to it once I got pregnant and things started to slow down. TMI?

Reading: Bossypants. I'm late to the party and I'm enjoying the party, but I'm not losing my mind over how great the party is.

Wearing: My pajamas. Because it's Christmas Eve and we only need to leave the house for church tonight. And maybe a last minute trip to the mall because the consumerism is getting me down.

Wanting: To be on vacation forever. I'm starting to worry there won't be enough time to see everyone and do everything we want to while we're here.

A Christmasy sweater. Life is hard.

Needing: Clothes that fit me.

Smelling: Strawberry rhubarb pie.

Missing: Being somewhere with more than one bathroom.

Thinking: That the words to Oh, Holy Night are something we should reflect on a little bit more. Because truly He taught us to love one another and His law is love and His gospel is peace. How do we forget that all the time?

Feeling: All the happies.

Anticipating: Today, tomorrow, the next day, Saturday, Sunday, ALL of it. So many people to catch up with, so many Christmas movies to watch, so many scones to eat, so much fun, so much good, so much happy. I love you, Christmas.

Making: A toque for recipients unknown.

Merry Christmas, friends!


  1. Christmas Vacation is my favorite movie!

  2. We are watching Christmas Vacation as I type this.

    I started reading Bossypants and never finished. I didn't find it to be as life altering hilarious as most people I know. It was just amusing. The third of it I read, anyway.

    I'm with you on paying more attention to Christmas song lyrics, the Christian ones anyway. I was listening to Mary Did You Know yesterday at work, REALLY listening, and I about lost it. So good.

    I could go for some strawberry's basically the only fruit pie I actually like.

  3. Christmas Vacation is a tradition in our family. We watched it on Christmas Eve, and it gets funnier every year. Truly.

    The fact that going to the gym is a possibility for you while pregnant impresses me to no end. I mean, at this point I COULD, but I'm so used to laying on the couch instead that I'm in no hurry to switch things up.

    I agree with you on Bossypants. I found it amusing, but I liked Mindy Kaling's book so much more.

    I listened to Oh Holy Night a few months ago and started sobbing in the car over the lyrics. I blamed the hormones.

    We got your Christmas card on Christmas Eve! I love it!! Also, I'm drinking my first cup of (decaf) coffee since before I got pregnant. I know you understand how monumental this is.

  4. Oh man reading this today made me miss christmas already! And the whole "missing being somewhere with more than one bathroom" made me laugh out loud! We visited friends earlier this year. There was a HOUSE full, and only one bathroom....for four days. I thought I was going to die :) haha! Merry Christmas!


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