December 16, 2014

My subconcious might be insane.

I have been having crazy dreams lately. Some of them have been pretty epic and going to sleep has been like embarking on a crazy adventure (most of which involve me looking for hard to find bathrooms at some point) but I've had a couple less than fun dreams the past couple nights. I'm going to take it as a sign that my body is finally ready to go back to the gym after over two months. I need to tire my brain out before it can come up with any more terrible situations.

So some backstory. I had a really awful teacher that taught me French immersion from grade nine until I graduated. Yeah, four years of the guy and I never liked him. I was probably a judgmental teenager and he was probably an okay dude, but I did not like him. I don't think many of classmates did. He was kind of softs spoken and wore socks with sandals and gave off a bit of a creepy vibe. I mean, how could he not?

A couple nights ago I dreamt that I was in university (this happens way more than it has any reason to considering I graduated three years ago) and was going into my French class with my high school French teacher and we had a test that I had completely forgotten about on something I didn't have any understanding of. To make matters worse, I had just found out that one of my coworkers had died so I was having a hard time focussing. Eventually he cancelled the test so we could grieve, but it was a very upsetting moment.

And it was weird coming to work yesterday and seeing my alive coworker that my subconscious had totally killed. I almost mentioned it to him, too, but didn't want to make things weird.

Last night's dream took the cake, though. I was supposed to go to my French class (again with the high school French teacher but in university) but got distracted looking for a bathroom and ended up playing with some babies instead. Then I had to get my wisdom pulled (which is weird, because that ship has long since sailed) without anesthesia in a chair that looked like a torture device. My blood was spraying everywhere and Ellen DeGeneres told me they were going to have to shave my head for the operation. I lost it and started yelling at her that they couldn't shave my head, didn't they know how long it had taken me to grow my hair this long and I'd just gotten a haircut two days earlier and NO I didn't want to waste money like that. And who the heck needs to get their head shaved for dental work?

Then my boss came up to me and told me they were going to give me some anesthesia for the impending nausea (I puked in Costco twice after getting my wisdom teeth pulled for real so it's no joke) but I said no because it wasn't  safe for the baby. Then my boss looked at the other people there and acted like he wasn't going to give me the drugs while really he was. Then I really lost and it started screaming about denying their care and he backed off and they carried on without the anesthesia. But Ellen still took the cuticle scissors and trimmed my bangs on one side of my face and cut a chunk out of my hair because it was "in the way."

So anyway, it was really fun getting out of bed this morning and having to see my boss at work, but thankfully no Ellen DeGeneres, and knowing I have to go to the dentist in a couple hours to get my second ever filling that they said I might not need freezing for.

I blame the hormones.


  1. Oh I've heard crazy things about pregnancy dreams, my sister says they never really go away haha.

  2. Hahahahaha. Pregnancy dreams are INSANE. The other night I dreamed that James and I were still dating and we had been together for a year but he refused to tell me he loves me. I woke up SO ANGRY with him.

  3. Pregnancy dreams are SO real. I once had a dream that I was carrying Ellie around in this sac with the umbilical cord still attached to me. She wasn't born yet, but instead of her being in my belly I had to carry her around. Weirdest dream ever. I still remember it vividly.

    When Ellie was around 3 months old I had a dream that she was talking and walking like crazy (at 3 months). Also crazy, but probably my mom ego coming out. "My baby is the smartest baby ever!"


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