September 13, 2014

The throne room

I have this problem. It's a weird one, and you're probably going to laugh at me. It's actually more of an... addiction. 

I'm addicted to housework and making this place a home.

Weird, eh?

I noticed it last week with our epic painting marathon (11 hours for me, six of which were on Friday night) and then the cleaning and baking that ensued. I'm changing. I'm becoming the kind of person that thrives on being domestic. Unpacking boxes of books, searching for furniture online (we scored a sweet rocking armchair this week on for $120), and, yes, even painting, give me a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. And even, I dunno, joy?

I think I must have gone through a similar phase in the summer of 2012. I was all about the colour coordinating books, painting nightstands, and organizing the heck out of the place we'd lived in for two years. And that's when I learned that I love life so much more when the place I'm in isn't chaotic and things have a place.

So what I'm saying is, last weekend was so crazy full that when Monday came around I was ready for another weekend. Then today happened and I decided that I hadn't enough of painting last week so I gave the above mentioned nightstands a makeover. I feel like their makeover is something to be really proud of. They're drying in the garage right now, but I'll Instagram them tomorrow when they're back in the room. I'm also going to do a house tour before the end of the month. I swear. So if you refuse to look in the sidebar and see my Instagram photo, you'll see the nightstands in that. 

There has been some debate amongst Karl and I as to when the best time to do a house tour would be. He thinks I should wait until the basement's done, but it's mostly done at this point, and it's going to be a few weeks before our current guest bedroom looks like a room instead of a closet. We have company coming in two weeks, though, so I'm going to use that excuse of clean space to bust out the camera. So let it be written.

So anyway, once I was done painting our nightstands and going for coffee with my beardless boyfriend I hung a mirror. Then I was all, "Oh, I'll vacuum the floors because there's still beard hair everywhere, but I'm not going to clean the toilets no way no how but maybe I'll just clean the counters. The toilets can wait until tomorrow."

So naturally I cleaned the toilets. I didn't clean the downstairs bathroom (we have three, and it sucks at times like this) because the contractors are still working down there and every time I look at that toilet I throw up a little in my mouth. I haven't cleaned the darn thing aside from when we first moved in three months ago. It's the contractors' bathroom right now and as far as I'm concerned it doesn't need a cleaning until they're done. Because stranger poop is disgusting and I don't want to deal with it more than once.

You know haow everyone has a weakness and it's either blood, poop, or vomit? We'll I'm a poop person and cleaning toilets makes me so. grossed. out.

I used to use flushable Method brand wipes to clean the toilet and it was awesome. I didn't have to worry about keeping the rag or magic eraser or whatever that was cleaning up the toilet ick because it just want down the drain and was never to be heard of again. Yeah, I know people that clean strangers' toilets without gloves, but I always wash my gloves when I'm done scrubbing the bowl. Because ew.

And before you think I'm a germ freak, I'm totally not. It's just toilet germs. Yuck.

I haven't been able to find the wipes since we've been in Regina. When we went home a couple weeks ago I couldn't find them where I used to get them, either. So I have a question for you, and that's how do you clean your toilet? Yes, I know about the toilet brush and, yes, I use it. But, you know, the rest of it

I can pretend I'm okay with the magic eraser on the two upstairs toilets, but I fear the downstairs bathroom more than you could ever know. At least a dozen strangers have used it. For at least two months. I might need to burn my gloves once I'm done down there. 

So, please, give me your tips, tricks, and helpful hints as to how you don't vomit every time you clean your toilet.


  1. I'm a freak about keeping our bathrooms clean...the thought of dirty toilets makes me cringe! I usually use Lysol wipes, but now will be on the lookout for these flushable wipes!!

  2. I can't stand cleaning toilets either. I'd rather clean every nook and cranny in the kitchen, living room AND bedroom than clean the bathrooms. I usually use Lysol spray and paper towels for the outside of the toilets but I'll have to check out those Method wipes. I just can't stand it when the outside of the toilet gets dusty, and has my hairs on it (because those just get everywhere and I can't help it) and then a Lysol wipe or whatever just spreads it around and doesn't actually pick anything up. Blech.

    Have you checked Amazon for your wipes?


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