September 27, 2014

My future on television

So you know I've been in a music video before but maybe what you didn't know is that I've also been on Much Music. No big thing, but when I was 14 or 15 they did this event called Much Does Victoria and the singer from one of the bands jumped off the stage into the crowd and walked right by me while the camera was rolling. So 15 minutes of fame? Try 15 nanoseconds, but it was totally aired all over the country.

Me, as seen on TV. Sans keyboard.

And now, my audition tape for a spot as the new Ellen.

This was take two and a half. The first one and a half were done a couple days ago, right before company came and the kitchen didn't look as lived in. Then Larissa was all, let's put you in the video. So I wore my new sweater and curled my hair which promptly deflated in the rain but whatever. I then proceeded to walk like I have a stick up my butt and look way too cool for school. Me vs the camera is always me looking like I am deeply uncomfortable. But that just might be me all the time, keeping it real.

We have new curtains for the bedroom sitting in a bag by our front door. They'll go up this week. Same with the real shower curtain for the guest bathroom. I forgot to show off our new closet curtains in the bedroom. They were dark brown and super drapey, thus making the room tiny and dark, Two sets of new curtains and painted nightstands make everything brighter.

And when I said our basement reno went really well and was easy and not a challenge you might not have caught the sarcasm in my voice. But it was there. And our basement is done and looks nice and will look even nicer when it's not empty. And there's no towel rack in the bathroom down there. Clearly the people who owned this house before us were big on air drying.

But that couch? And that bowl with cupcakes? Home Sense for the win. I would gush about them, but just know we scored that $499 couch for $370 and that bowl was only $12.99 and it fits three dozen cupcakes AND my head. Just not at the same time. 

And just for a refresher, here is the tour of our Victoria basement suite and the place we rented before we bought our house


  1. Your house is adorable! I want to come visit.

    I have never seen or heard of a shoe cubby before. I fully support having an extra room for toilet paper. That's pretty much what our future nursery is.

  2. I love your house!

    I've never heard of a shoe cubby either - we certainly haven't had them in any houses/states I've lived in! The other thing I've never seen is a counter top that extends all the way across the top of the toilet...what do you do if you need to open up your toilet to work on it???

    Isaiah and I are both jealous of your basement. Also, I showed him the video and he thinks it's awesome that your laundry room can double as a, and I quote, "Project room." That man needs a garage so badly...


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