August 26, 2013

I'm famous.

A couple a weeks ago my friend Cesar invited me to be an extra in a music video with him. It was a Friday night, I was tired, I really just wanted to watch Stargate and knit, but I said yes. What are friends for?

So, I agreed to meet him just before 8 and dress appropriately. The dress code called for "house party" without any overwhelming white. There went my toga idea. I've been to my share of house parties before, but they were all in my living room and I just wore pajamas to them and usually involved people named Stiffler. You picking up what I'm putting down?

There is nothing more stressful than having to dress "house party" (which apparently amounts to slightly more casual than business casual) and not having a clue. Or clean laundry. And preparing to be immortalized on film in the process. All I could think was, The camera adds ten pounds. I really hope I don't see anyone from high school.

It ended up being a fun evening, although I felt awkward to the max. That's nothing new in social situations where I don't know everyone and everyone knows each other at least in passing. I didn't even get a whole lot of "why are you here?" looks because everyone was really nice. I might not have even got one. And, bonus, I didn't know anyone! (I like to think everyone from high school has moved away and actually lives in Montreal or something.)

If you've never been to a video shoot, it's basically a bunch of hip and attractive people in their 20s and 30s hanging out, showing some chest hair, eating popcorn, and playing a communal trumpet. At least that's if this one's any indication of there. I don't think I've ever seen so much chest hair in one place. I even awkward side hugged some of it.

Anyway, the band is Towers and Trees and they're local. (Not to brag, but I come from a land of good local music and a lot of it.) I'd heard their song Montreal on the radio before and liked it so I was hoping I'd like the song they were filming. Turns out it was Montreal so I was in luck. (I still like the song, even though it was in my head all. night. and all. day. I even dreamt about it.)

This video has gotten me so much recognition that strangers (one coworker) stop me on the street (near my desk) and ask if I'm in it, telling me how much they love the song. Which has nothing to do with me anyway, but I am ever gracious because a compliment's a compliment.

Although, to be totally honest, I'm a little disappointed they weren't into the gangster rap. How fun would that have been?



    And by far the cutest chick there.

    I like the song, too!! Looking them up fo sho...

    Hey!!! I have a letter from a famous person!!!!! Framing. Stat.

  2. AHHH!!! I got really excited when I saw you on there. I can't comment on the song because the volume is muted since James and I are watching TV, but I will listen to it later. And you looked super skinny, by the way. The camera forgot to give you 10 pounds.

  3. That's awesome!! You looked incredibly cute! That's a pretty sweet band, too. I think I need to check them out. Plus, their shows are pretty close to me!


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