June 27, 2013

Hitting the road.

Oh, heyyyy. This blog post is coming to you live from my tablet in a surprisingly nice hotel room just off the highway in Kamloops. Stalkers, come and get me. Grammar police, blame the Swype and autocorrect.

Nice, except for...

Everything takes at least three times as long when done on the tablet. Except Tetris. Tetris is amazing on the tablet.

We're off on our annual summer trip to Alberta. If you follow the news you might be thinking we're totally nuts heading out Calgary way, but ain't nothing going to hold us back from our trip to visit the Sevenhuysens and Karl's brother and sister in law. Come hell or high water, am I right?

I'm tweeting and Instagraming the heck out of our trip until my phone dies or I get bored/distracted by all the quality time with favourite peoples.

If Canadian scenery is your thing and you want to see photos of what passes for dairy free eats between B.C. Ferries and Tim Hortons, you'll want to hit up my social media. And clearly you want to.

I even posted my first Instagram video today. It's terrible,  but I tried to show what the Coquihalla is all about: rocking out, mountains, road, and landmarks named after Shakespeare characters. So much romance for a big old highway.

And! Coming soon on the blog: I was in a wedding nearly two months ago that overlapped with my anniversary, I'm way more of an 85 year old than I admitted last time, and a look ahead at what I'm getting for Christmas. At least, that's the plan.

Much love.

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