May 03, 2013

With my own two hands.

May 1st was a special day because three years earlier I was kissing Karl in front of about 150 members of our friends and families. I have things to say about that, but they'll have to wait. Today I talk about some thing I have made with my own two hands. And a little bit of help in the form of pointy things.

Last year I did a rocking job of keeping track of the books I read and this year I hoped to add the movies I watched to that list. Yeah, not going to happen. With the infrequency of my posts as of late, it's ridiculous to subject you to that boring swill all the time. Because that would be all I write about. So, I'm cutting it off in favour of a much more entertaining and much less frequent thing to keep track of: My knitting.

Last year was a pretty good year for knitting and I wish I'd kept track of everything I'd made. I mentioned the blanket and the sweater and I even did a giveaway which I forgot about until just now. But what did it all add up to? Well, this year I'm going to find out.

So we're at the five month point in the year and I think I'm behind where I was last year. I know I am because last year at this time I was already trying to birth the sweater and had my first blanket under my belt as of a month ago. 

Right around New Year's I was working on a super quick project that I had been dying to do but had to wait until the gifts were made and gifted.

I recently took some photos of myself modelling my wares.

This outfit actually gives me a lot of joy because a) I haven't fit comfortably in those pants for a very long time, and b) that is a maternity shirt I bought (not pregnant, just like the shirt) so there's some weird size irony there.

Awkward self portrait, anyone?

Why I love this cowl. So big and bulky you can burrow in it.

I am a firm believer in being able to laugh at yourself. Since there's no easy way to take a photo of yourself modelling your knit wear without looking like you take yourself too seriously and a total tool, I embrace my awkward photoness. You have to, as the Brits would say, take the piss out of it. Or something like that.

I am also quite fond of jumping photos. Because I am a teenager.

Check out that hat.

It's another Jane Richmond pattern and I love it. It's a lot of fun to make and has some awesome texture. The pattern calls for it to be a little slouchy but I decided to have something a bit more fitted. I plan on making a slouchy one in future because I like it so much. And the colour? Yes, please.

And you know, since I liked that toque so much my mom naturally liked it, too, and asked for one.

Close up. Oh, so pretty.

And as you can see, she loves it.
(I don't let her jump near stairs because we can't handle another broken bone.)

Aside from some selfish knitting and then some requested toque knitting, I made something I'm pretty happy with. While it wasn't perfect, I learned some new skills and got another Calvin photo out of the process.

I made my little buddy Calvin a personalized sweater for his very first non-traumatic birthday.

Calvin and Larissa playing a rousing game of "Pants or no Pants?"

Since I didn't have any other year old kids around to compare the size to (because this one's in Alberta and I, most thankfully, am not) I ended up erring on the big side. As you can see, Calvin is sporting a sweater dress that would look absolutely fierce with some leggings. His sleeves may also need to be cuffed in true hipster style. Ironically enough, his head should probably stop growing ASAP if it's going to keep fitting into the sweater. Live and learn, I guess. I suggested a good stretch might do the trick. 

What's next on my needles? Well, you'll have to wait and see but rest assured, it's going to be good. I'm still sitting on some wool I got to make myself a sweater (I'm basically a sweater pro now) so that should happen soon.

Okay, friends. Go in peace.


  1. SO cute, you are incredibly talented. :)

  2. I think I need the pattern for the cowl and the hat. I'm dying over them both. You are so talented, girl!


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