May 18, 2013

Absentee Anna and something... different.

The past several weeks have been insane blurs of busyness. Insane in the membrane. I know reading lengthy round ups can be dull, so I promise this will be brief and include pictures of varying levels of quality. Because I'm the most photogenic person that takes the most professional photos ever. Stick with me and at the end I promise to propose we do something totally new and exciting. True story.

So on April 28th I participated in a 10K run. A RUN! My motivation to participate was due in large part to the fact that our team name was "We run elections." It was a play on words I couldn't pass up the oportunity to be a part of.

Sure I didn't run the whole thing but I did it. My time was 1:21:56. As you can imagine I walked a chunk of it, but I finished it ten minutes faster than I had all year, ran that whole first kilometre which was 100% uphill (planners = butts) and didn't die. My training was also practically non-existent. I didn't push myself when I did do a 10K lake run a few times to get prepared. I figured I'd use my gym membership to hit the treadmills on the regular to get the running thing down, but my gym is the upper deck at a pool. I can't run longer than five minutes with overheating and feeling like dying. Heat is not my friend.

Just past the halfway point. I AM THE MOST ATTRACTIVE RUNNER.

It's cool, guys. I survived.

The week after the 10K was kind of a big deal. May 1st was our anniversary and it takes the cake as the least sexy anniversary ever.

I got my first migraine in well over a month on the way to the theatre to watch the latest Tom Cruise flick. No bigs, I'd had some cream in my coffee for the first time since going dairy free and clearly it was affecting me. I popped a Frova and figured in a half hour I'd be back to normal. 

An hour and a half later I got a surprise. Another migraine. UNPRECEDENTED. And unwelcome, to say the least. So I popped another drug and held on through the rest of the movie that suddenly felt eight hours long.

When we got home I crawled into bed after having a little cry and called it a night. At least, I tried. Two hours later I woke up with a splitting headache (read: migraine) that I couldn't sleep through and some intense nausea.

Karl got out of bed, nuked my heat bag, grabbed me an ice pack, and even got me a bowl in case the Gravol didn't kick in fast enough. It wasn't a great night, but without the ice pack I would have probably died or gone to the hospital.

I woke up the next morning feeling hungover (typical) but so very grateful. Sure our anniversary wasn't ideal by any standards, but there's nothing like someone getting out of bed in the middle of the night and refusing to sleep until you're okay to make you feel loved. Karl was so worried about me and did such a good job looking after me. I melted all on the inside. 

I also swore dairy off up and down forever and ever. At least cream in my coffee. What a dink. Because I'm a sucker for punishment I'm going to give a pastry a try in a week or two to see if maybe I can survive the baked version.

Life without cake has been very empty.

And then, you know, we got to celebrate our anniversary celebrating the marriage of two other people we love. That gets its own post.

We took a long weekend to go away for the wedding and it was much needed. The week and a half after were the crazy ones at work.

Work was all sorts of insane this past week. I worked 31 hours between Monday and Tuesday. It was nuts, but my student of Political Science heart was so full.

That right there, folks, brings me to the here and now. As promised, I propose we do something different. Something fun.

A lot of blogs have link ups but I'm not going to go that route. First of all, I know not all my readers are actually bloggers, secondly I am not as committed to blogging as I once was (at least with regularity, I plan to keep my blog until the bitter end) I'm not willing to promise to do something on here that I might not stick to, not to mention making a link up sounds like more work than it's worth, and, finally, I wanted to include something easy and accessible to everyone. Because I'm all about keeping things easy around here.

So here it is. We all have those photos of ourselves that we look back on and cringe at. Sure they're embarrassing and you kind of want to put them away in a cupboard forever, but I challenge you to share them with me on Instagram. Keep it awkward, friends. Do it for me. Besides, there is nothing better having someone tell you how different you look from that awkward photo and then, no matter how bad your hair day, you can feel good about yourself again. If you have more than one photo you feel the need to share, I say power to you.

Your hashtag is #mymostawkwardyears.

This? This doesn't even register on the embarrassing scale. I wear this everyday.

You have your mission so let's go get it done, shall we?

This is going to be a getting to know you trust exercise. As soon as I hit post I'm sharing my own photo. Don't let me down. Trust me; I trust you.

Go. Do. Share.


  1. You + 10k = BEAST! Seriously, congrats on finishing! I've been doing better with my running but I'm still pretty sure I would have been crying and asking for a wheelchair around mile 3.

    I hope and pray that cooked dairy (with flour + sugar) doesn't give you the same results as coffee creamer! Migraines = evil. Plain and simple.

    I LOVE this idea for a "link up." I wish I had more awkward pictures of myself, but ALL my old, awkward photos are at my mom's house. I've asked several times for my mom and/or sister to scan me some photos but so far, no go (and it's been 6+ months of me asking so I'm not getting my hopes up). I do hope to visit sometime this summer/fall, in which case I'll be doing some of my own picture-scanning. Perhaps we can revisit this link up then...

  2. You did so awesome on that 10k!!! Really proud of you! :)

  3. First. Congratulations on your 10k! That's so awesome.

    Secondly, I'm so so so sorry about your migrane(s), they are so incredibly awful! I really hoped that pastry is nicer to you.


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