April 01, 2013

You Belong Here.

It's been a while, eh?

I want to tell you all about the movies I've watched and the books I've read but I'm not even sure I can remember. Instead of giving you a play by play I'm going to keep it short, simple, out of order, and probably woefully incomplete. By keeping it short I can get onto the meatier life happenings from the past couple weeks. This next section is too short for its own post.

  • The Hobbit - In IMAX. Fantastic.
  • The Princess Diaries - I was home sick. Good movie to drool on the couch to.
  • X-2 - Same deal.
  • Rio - Wednesday night Financial Peace alternate. Now that we're at peace we can relax a little.
  • Madagascar - Samezies.
  • Penelope - Chick lit through and through. Entertaining and mind-numbing but not the best the genre has to offer.
  • Lord of the Isles - Last year I went on a mission to add to my collection of well recommended fantasy books. This one was on the list. It wasn't bad, but could have been better. It could have been spread into more books and the author could have gone into more depth on what was going on. All in all, not bad, but not on my favourite list. I don't even know if it has a sequel. It feels like it should, but somehow I doubt it.
Last weekend I went to a naturopath upon the recommendation of my chiropractor, in an effort to put a halt to my migraines. I am fully aware that I sound like an 80 year old. Anyway, it was recommended that I go off of dairy. I was a snotty kid that snored and got a lot of ear infections. All symptoms of a dairy intolerance, but with the removal of my adenoids I outgrew the symptoms. Sounds legit.

As a result, I'm off dairy for the next month. Being dairy-free is actually not as challenging as I expected, and way easier than going off gluten, for instance. I'm chronicling my dairy-free month on the Twitter with my own hashtag, #mydairyfreemonth. Because having my own hashtag makes me feel so much more culturally relevant, even if its purpose is to mostly help people understand why I'm mourning the loss of cheese in my life.

So far I'm only on day eight, but according to my two week intervals (or less) between migraines I'm three days overdue. It's never been clockwork, but if I make it through the next week without one you'll find me doing a happy dance on dairy's grave. The nice thing is that if it turns out dairy has been ruining my life I only have an intolerance. If I have a deep dark need for cake at, say, the wedding I'm in a month from now, I can do it, being ready for the consequences if there are any. It's not like I'll turn into a hivey blimp, or have my lips swell up like Angelina Jolie when I wear chapstick. I can live without dairy if it means freedom from brain explosions and dependence on ridiculously expensive drugs.

I might be getting ahead of myself, but optimism is kind of my thing.

Speaking of positive things like optimism, I got an excellent text message today from a dear friend that moved away a year and a half ago. It was a video of her receiving an ultrasound and a baby's heartbeat. It was an excellent way to have the news shared, even though I was sceptical at first due to today's unfortunate date. I hate April Fool's Day because I want to believe that people are telling me the truth all the time so I fall for things. Nope, not a joke. There was much squealing and giddiness on my end. I'm going to have to head into knitting overdrive to produce for the now three people due in August and September. Not to mention a family friend's girlfriend is expecting in November and even though we aren't close, something handmade is in order.

Thursday marked my last day in Human Resources. I'm still with the same organization, but will be moving into a new position starting tomorrow. It's only for a couple months, then I'll be moving into an Accounts Clerk role, but starting tomorrow I am no longer a Recruitment Assistant, I'm an Executive Coordinator. Basically, as my former HR boss informed me, I'm the assistant to the assistant of the CEO. Kind of like Dwight, except I'm not actually doing crummy assistant jobs. I'm basically doing event essential jobs and helping my new boss with her heavy workload. She even told me that if there's anything I want experience at to let her know and I can do it. She's not greedy with the work. Um, hello experience!

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, but I feel so blessed to be where I am in life right now. When I finished school a year and a half ago Karl asked me what my goal was with my education. Well, where I'm working now is what I said my goal was. Not that there's any guarantee I'll be here after September, but the three different roles I'll have completed come then are really huge resume boosters. HR, Exec, and accounting experience? Um, yes please.

But? I was informed that, with my amazing work ethic and attention to detail, as well as common sense (which, I was also informed, is not actually very common) there will likely be a position for me much longer. It's hard though, due to the nature of the organization, having major events every four years, but there is always something going on in the "low seasons" if you will.

It's weird to feel like you may have plateaued at the ripe old age of 24. It's also exciting to realize that you might also be spring-boarding into your dream career. 24 may be the crappiest year of my life health-wise but it's been great otherwise.

Next weekend I'm heading out to a bachellorette mini vacation. It's been three years since I was more involved in a wedding than simply attending, and it feels so foreign. I'm excited, though, and can't wait to share a bit more about my history with the bride in coming posts. Yes, I've planned that far ahead. So, sometime before the beginning of May, you can expect at least one more post coming your way.

It'll even have pictures. Promise.

And, to finish off, I want to tell you about what I've been listening to lately. Karl and I have been teaching Sunday school for the past five weeks and I really miss sitting in the services, but especially the worship music. Matt Maher has been doing a fairly decent job of filling that void. Seriously. I've been listening to him pretty much non-stop since I first saw him live when we went to see Jars of Clay in Seattle at the Rock and Worship Roadshow. Not only is he worshipy, he's also really good. I know some worship music is a little... sappy... but Matt Maher has this rock and country feel to him that makes me want to sing along and dance awkwardly. Also, American friends, he has a song about the US that my Kansas-born sister in law adores, but husband despises. I loves it. He's also a Canadian, so I figure it's okay to listen to him be patriotic to the US.

The Gaslight Anthem have also been getting some pretty heavy play while I clean the house (which I used my four day Easter weekend to do). They are so good, and not worshipy at all. That's because they aren't a Christian band. I mean, who knows, they might be spiritual, but they don't sing like it. Am I even making sense? Either way, they're good, rocky music. They are also fun to sing along to. I like to think I sound like a rocker, too, when I sing along. If my current career path doesn't work out, I'll be joining a rock band and singing like the singer of this band. 

Okay, I think we're all caught up.

Much love. (Yes, I stole this from Meg Cabot's blog, but I haven't read it in ages and maybe she doesn't say it anymore. You also probably wouldn't have known that if I didn't say anything, but I really feel like when I don't know how to end a post that's what I'll do. Because it's how I feel, okay? Mucho loveo.)


  1. Yay for your new position, sounds awesome!

  2. Welcome to the non-dairy dark side!

  3. It's so great that they want to keep you around if possible! I am so happy for you!

    And yay for more babies!

  4. I think for me it would be harder to go dairy-free than gluten-free. But only because of cheddar cheese. It goes so perfectly on top of so many things. I haven't even attended a wedding since.... 2008. So I think being involved in one sounds like so much fun!!! (I just have to wait till my sister and cousins are out of their teens and have entered marriageable ages...)


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