March 04, 2013

I heard, I saw, I commented.

I said I was going to be awesome and keep track of my books and movies in 2013. Well, I'm caught up with the reading aspect of that list. I finished one book this year so far, and it's one I started in 2012. Last year's 28 books is going to be a little hard to beat.

I am, however, almost done my fourth audiobook. Walking to and from work and going to the gym is making that number climb higher and higher.

I've recently finished The Road to Gandolfo and How to Knit a Love Story. The first one is written by Robert Ludlum, the man behind the Bourne books, and was supposed to be a comedy. It was okay, but not nearly enough awkward situations or sword fights for me. How to Knit a Love Story was something entirely different.

How to Knit a Love Story caught my eye because a) it was a available online from the library and b) I knit. I mean, who doesn't love a little chick lit for the walk to work? Sign me up, please. It ended up being a bit more of a romance than I had anticipated which threw me a little. Since it was a romance, though, it ended up with a truly cliched and happy ending. I'm going to give you the rundown/recap so if you plan on reading it, skip ahead a few paragraphs.

The story is basically that this woman inherits a cottage from a dead friend where a sexy cowboy lives in a big old house. He's the dead friend's nephew and resentful of the intrusion in his life.

The girl is running from a freaky ex-boyfriend stalker that tried to kill her/be a terrible person but doesn't tell anyone. She starts up a knitting business in the cottage left to her by the friend/aunt who was a knitting celebrity, just like the girl is. The guy doesn't like the knitting business because it means disrupting his peaceful ranch life.

The girl has to stay in the big house with the guy until her place is set up. Some awkward and some sexy encounters occur. There are many mixed emotions. The business is a raging success.

Strange things happen around the property. Animals get out, there's a fire, a sheep dies. One day the ex-boyfriend/stalker shows up and menaces her while she's driving. They end up on a bridge that a separate incident causes to collapse while there on it with a few other cars and an oil tanker.

The cowboy shows up in time to see the almost tragedy, finds the girl at the hospital, sees her stalker has died in the accident, and proposes to her. Flash forward to a year later and they're married, so are their best friends, and she tells him she's pregnant.

I guess the sex helped them write that love story since they never really had time to get to know each other with their words. I might be a prude, but those kinds of love stories never seem to make much sense to me.

It had ever. single. cheesy element you could expect. There was even a fiery explosion! Two, for that matter.  I don't really recommend the book but I don't regret it. It was my first romance. Ever. At least it had explosions to make up for the lack of chick lit inspired humour.

As for keeping track of movies we've seen, this may be next to impossible. We watch a lot of movies.

Last weekend we watched The Green Hornet. You know, the one with Seth Rogen. It was long, and I fell asleep for the last thirty minutes. I think that was a blessing.

Thursday night Karl and I had a mini date night that included burgers at a pub then Score: A Hockey Musical at home on the PVR. Yep, a hockey musical. I highly recommend it. I'm not saying it was the best movie ever, but I really think other sports movies could learn something from it. If there was more singing and dancing in sports movies, way more people would enjoy them. I mean, Karl and I both liked it, and while our tastes don't differ too much, he's not as into musicals as I am. He's never even seen The Sound of Music or High School Musical after all.

Score was good, though, because it was funny and sincere all at once. Is he going to get the girl? OF COURSE, he's singing to her, after all. More relationships would work out if more singing happened in them. Romantic singing, not sad singing. One of the last scenes involved a choreographed dance on the ice at a hockey game. Don't tell me that isn't quality entertainment. If you could see my face you'd see how sincere I am right now. Maybe How to Knit a Love Story would have been better if they'd replaced the sex scenes with singing. Of course it would have.

Walter Gretzky even had a couple scenes. (You may or may not have heard of his son.) Nelly Furtado had a very small role that confused me and, if that isn't enough for you, Olivia Newton John was in it. It was basically a Canadian version of Grease. Except with less Pink Ladies and more goons.

Seriously, I recommend watching that movie ASAP. If you're Canadian maybe you'll be like me and recognize the lead character as being on YTV while you were growing up, and if you're American you need to understand my country better.That thing that they're drinking at the end? It's called Tim Hortons and you're welcome.

I'm sure I've missed a few movies in there since my last update, but they'll come to me eventually. Next time I do an update like this, I should be able to add The Hobbit to the list. I was waiting for it to come out in IMAX.

So, in short, don't listen to any audio books I did, don't watch The Green Hornet, and go watch Score: A Hockey Musical. Go in peace.

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  1. I tried to watch The Green Hornet as well...oh how boring lol.


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