February 11, 2013

A smattering.

Today marks the province of BC's first ever Family Day. All I can is, YES PLEASE!

I haven't had a long weekend since Remembrance Day way back at the beginning of November, so this is terribly exciting. It also made being productive on Saturday much easier.

Now, full disclaimer, I love my friends and I love their children. Read on.

Saturday morning I got up at 8 in the am to make some two-ingredient cookies for breakfast with some lady friends. It was made justifiable by today's new-found stat holiday. Anyway, the friend that hosted has a two year old. She was actually the first friend of mine, in my general age group, to have a baby where I was there from before knocked-upedness to attending subsequent birthday parties. I reconsidered ever having children after Saturday's breakfast. The kid that once threw up on me at a wedding and I didn't care was running around like a fiend, turning the TV on, crawling on the table, shooting webs like Spider man (why not?), and being a generally whiny two year old. His mom naturally stopped the "naughty" things, and I know it's called the terrible twos for a reason, but man, it really made me reconsider any possibility of having my own. Why do people set themselves up for years of stress, exhaustion, and temper tantrums? Not to mention the boogers and poop. Children are a lot of work, and they don't seem very snuggly once they start walking and talking.

Just saying.

I went to the chiropractor later in the morning, and got some good news. Apparently I'm much more aligned (or something) than before. After the cracking and head wrenching, I even think my angry neck bone is starting to become less pronounced. And? Two days later and I'm still migraine free. Mmhmm...

After that I had a friend over for tea. It was lovely. I also cleaned our hovel before hand. Can I just say? I love me a clean living space. It makes my heart happy.

On that note, I'm going to stop recapping my life because I didn't do anything incredibly amazing. Other than today, as I watched last night's episode of Downton Abbey with Mom, I found out I'd won a pair of Hush Puppies boots. You might say I'm super lucky since this is the second time they've picked me to win something from them. Last year I got sandals and Karl got studly slip ons. I'm not really one to blog about my clothes, but I probably will when I get my boots. It's kind of the least I can do, eh?

In other news, this happened Monday and today respectively.

Haircuts for everyone!

In case you didn't know what Karl looked like yesterday:

Another favourite photo of Karl. They just keep coming!

He is also very Canadian. The beard was supposed to live longer, but accidents happen. I didn't cry, but I thought about it. I didn't think it was possible to love someone's beard so much. Doesn't that just fly in the face of all wifely logic? It was very red. Any potential future children that have survived the encounter with the terrible twos of Saturday will hopefully have hair like his beard. If not, they'll be growing cute little ginger children beards ASAP. Even the girls. You know, like dwarves.

Since I have kind of moved in the realm of movies (Lord of the Rings, fools), let's go there. Karl and I saw Jaws on Wednesday night. I'd seen it once before, but Karl never had. I didn't really remember it either. Karl actually hates old movies, but ended up really enjoying it. I did, too. The quality was really good, for something from 1975, and the storyline was good, too. I was totally surprised when (spoiler alert) the captain got eaten by the shark in the end. I mean, how mean is that? Surviving one epic shark attack only to gruesomely get eaten years later? That's low, Spielberg/whoever wrote Jaws, real low.

I feel like I've watched another movie recently, but can't remember. I might fail miserably at keeping track of the movies I see in 2013. I guess time will tell.

On that final note, I finally cracked my own password code and broke into my iTunes account. I bought the latest efforts from Leagues and, since I was there, The Gaslight Anthem. No regrets aside from budgetary ones. I'm just going to say that there has not been a single song on the The Gaslight Anthem's "Handwritten" that I haven't loved. Leagues is pretty rocking, too.

And, finally, speaking of music? My mom is in love with the first track off of the Of Monsters and Men CD. She's quoting it and everything like it's real life. She's basically a hipster.


  1. Ok I love you haircut! So cute and yay for being more aligned haha. :)

  2. I love your haircut! I love your choice of music to blow your budget on! I love that your country makes up holidays for families!

    I'm sad about the beard.


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