January 29, 2013

I'm on a boat!

Seriously. I’m on a boat right now. As I type this. Sitting in a car that’s jiggling around a little bit. It’s also dark, because for some reason where we’re sitting the lights got turned off, but that’s neither here nor there. I also don’t have an internet connection so bare with me. By that I mean I'm not entirely sure what I posted about last time that I was so excited to bring up in later posts. Clearly it wasn't that exciting.

Anyway, today Karl and I dragged ourselves out of bed at 5:30 to catch a boat at 7 am. It was the day of Karl's Oma's funeral. The service was nice and, as I mentioned before, his brother and sister in law came out. I also got a chance to meet a lot of Karl’s mom's side of the family. I’d met some of them before, on our wedding day, but I was a little distracted then so today I just made sure not to tell anyone it was nice to meet them.

We also went to IHOP for breakfast. Aw yeah, cinnamon french toast. A.ma.zing.

Basically all we did today was eat, sleep, and sit. I'm terribly confused as to the day of the week right now. I keep thinking we need to go to the grocery store once home, because it feels like Sunday, but glory hallelujah it's Tuesday! Good feeling, eh?

We also just made the 5 o'clock ferry. No joke. It was 81% full and the boat was loading when we drove up. We were one of the last cars on the top level. There's no feeling like making that earlier than anticipated ferry after a long day.You know, sometimes days of eating, sleeping, and sitting can be just as exhausting as active and busy days.

Friday night, Karl, Christopher (my brother in law), and I went to an acoustic show for someone I know at a cafe. It was a whole new experience for Karl and I. Christopher apparently has a lot more hipster friends than we do and went to coffee shop concerts all the time in college. That’s the difference between him and I: I went to university, sucker. The show was good, though, and it was free to boot. Nothing like an excuse to drink more decaf coffee than supporting local music and friends.

I snapped this picture of Karl while there:

Taken with Instagram. Obvs. It's what trendy photos are made of.

I love it. I have seen a million photos like this on Facebook from the cool hipster people (girls) that spend all their free time being ethical and cool, hanging out at coffee shops. Doesn't he just look all shy and cutesy? Not that he’s cutesy, but I feel like you could smack a sweater wearing girl’s face on his manly body and it would surprise no one. Except for the manly body, perhaps. It's my new favourite photo of my man love.

For the record, he’s not being shy and modest, he’s checking out hockey scores.


  1. I love the picture! :) Glad you got to see extended family given the circumstances.

  2. You guys are such honorary hipsters now!!! Love the coffee shop picture :)

  3. Catching an earlier ferry than expected is the best feeling ever!!


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