January 27, 2013

Aaaaand... We're back!

It may not look like it, but it's actually been almost two weeks since I last revisited the blog, with the minor exception of my mini post earlier this week. There's nothing like a long absence to make you intimidated by the return. I mean, do I catch the world up on the happenings of the past couple weeks? Do I jump in with just funny observations on life? So much pressure!

Just kidding. I do what feels right. But I still wasn't sure what to start with.

So, I've been going to the chiropractor in an effort to deal with what ails me. Mr Chiropractor warned me that treatment might trigger more migraines. He was not joking around. At last week's appointment he noticed I had a bone out of place in my neck. He tossed around the words kind of a big deal and the idea of xrays. Basically my bone thing (because I am not an anatomy genius) sticks out to the left, I always thought it was just a knot, and there's nothing sticking out on the right side. He figures once that gets worked back into place I should be feeling a-okay, assuming my migraines aren't chemical related.

To say I'm optimistic would an understatement. I want to go to the chiropractor every day now, just to move on with my life.

As a result of my Saturday morning appointment, and other factors I'm sure, last weekend was just terrible. I wasn't feeling well, I was grumpy, and so, so tired. It wasn't until Thursday that I finally started feeling human again, and Friday I felt great. You know how you feel after having a cold or the flu when things finally start looking up? That was totally me at the end of the week. Is there a better feeling, really?

Yesterday was great day. I slept in, went for a less than impressive run (I'm getting lazy and bored), and had my lovely friend Caity over for tea. We weren't exactly planning her future baby showers, and the topic of conversation was about as heavy as it ever gets, but it was still nice to spend time together. We even hit up Costco with my mom and we liked it. I always feel like trips to Costco are like adventures. I had about a dozen life and death encounters with fellow shoppers and their carts yesterday. Being 24 is basically the most fun age ever.

Then, because we're finally at a stage in our lives where spontaneity works again, Karl and I had Caity and her husband Derek over for dinner. Butter chicken. Amazing, if I do say so myself. The food and the company. There's something so wonderful about spending time with your oldest friends.

After they left, the door just kept on revolving and my brother in law Christopher and his wife Natalie came over to watch Taken 2. They're in town for the boys' Oma's funeral on Tuesday. It may not be the happiest of circumstances but I'd be lying if I didn't say it was a treat.

Basically I got to hang out with some of my favourite people yesterday and I liked it.

Have you seen Taken 2? Liam Neeson? Wonderful. It was just under 90 minutes (rip off) but was still really good. I had the best witty commentary going throughout it. Everyone laughed, me especially. As much as that makes me sound annoying, I'm pretty sure everyone loved it. I'm like that guy that narrates Rocky Horror except I only did it occasionally. Plus we were at home, so that helped.

And now, alas, I have to get ready to teach Sunday school. I have so much more to tell you! Like our Friday night? Karl got cultured! I've watched other movies, listened to other audiobooks, and discovered omissions from my 2012 reading recap (Yes, I'm actually a more impressive reader than I gave myself credit for!). I've also had some pretty deep thoughts about my hair. With family in town it's getting harder and harder to find spare moments, but that's just a preview of what you can look forward to on the blog coming up. I mean, honestly, who wouldn't want to read about my hair?

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  1. How did I miss this post??


    1) Chiropractor...you'll have to keep me posted on how that turns out. I absolutely hate getting my neck adjusted (I think I told you all about this already) so I'm curious to see if it ends up working.

    2) I would gladly brave Costco if we were to somehow acquire one here in Sitka. I'm sick of spending $200 per grocery store trip and getting basically nothing out of it. You could feed a family of 6 on our monthly budget down south.

    3) I still need to see Taken 2!


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