January 15, 2013

2012 and then it's dead and gone forever.

We're a couple weeks into 2013 here, and I feel as though I have a little catching up to do. I could do a recap of how I spent 2012, but if you'd prefer, I did a recap of being 23 back in August. Since then nothing terribly exciting has happened. I mean, September did, but that wasn't very fun. At least the beginning wasn't. In the end Karl and I visited his brother and sister in law, which was enjoyable. Then my mom and I went to Washington to shop and rock.

After that it was all downhill. I guess. I started running (which, sadly, was not all downhill) and got a new job. My dream job, to be exact. Well, my dream organization. Someday I'll be the CEO, just wait. I also found out I'm going to be an aunt. As much as an only child can be an aunt on her side of the honourary family spectrum. Boo yeah.

So I guess "downhill" is a relative term. I think I always use it wrong anyway.

Well, there was one other exciting event, and that was my first blog giveaway. It was in honour of the one year(ish) anniversary of my blog. It took me a little longer than anticipated to get the scarf done, but I didn't let that bring me down too much because instead of shipping it, my one local entrant won. That meant I didn't need to ship it, technically giving me more time to even the playing field. Just roll with it.

And here it is!

Jessi, the triumphant victor, showing off her two newest accessories: baby Ethan and a killer Dirty Snow White scarf.

Yep, it's a fun thing to win a blog giveaway here at the now incorrectly named Watching Douglas Street. You know what's more fun that winning a giveaway, though? Hosting one. Chances are good that I'll do another one some time in the not too distant future. I might be trying to buy your love my now irregular posting schedule, but really I'm just trying to share the knitting love.You're welcome in advance.

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