November 26, 2012

Mind. Blown.

This week is blowing my mind and it is only Monday.

I got a job. It's not the one I interviewed for but I'm almost more excited about that. It's a shorter contract but as long as I don't show up and light the place on fire I'll be there a lot longer. I'm leaving my administrative assistant world behind and entering the realm of HR. It's new, it's uncharted, but it's happening.

Did I mention it's government?

Not to cheese ball it up, but I felt the support and love and prayers. I really did. Clearly it worked.

My boss 50% hates me right now and is 50% really happy for me. Because he's a great boss.

If this wasn't an excuse to give away free things I don't know what is. I will now think of this giveaway as my Victory Giveaway. Share the moment. Go there, enter it. Feel the victory.


  1. How awesome!!!! Congrats! :)

  2. Hooray!! So happy for you - it's awesome to be excited about a new job, not dreading it. Merry Christmas! ;)

  3. I should also say, THANK YOU for the love support and love and prayers. You know, in case that didn't come across.

  4. Congrats! That's great news!

  5. Wow, this is fantastic! Congrats ;)

  6. Awesome! So happy for you!


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