November 27, 2012

Douglas, I'll miss you.

Today was a classic example of all the crazy Douglas street has to offer.

As I'm doing my morning routine, a young woman, roughly my age, comes in with a little rolling suitcase in tow. She asks if she can have a seat. This is totally unprecedented but I say sure. We have a couch and a couple chairs out front so she sits down.

There's silence for a few moments and then I ask her if she's doing some travelling. She responds that, yes, she is and is actually from Ontario. She said she had to take a break from school so she was doing some travelling but had to go home now. She said she had been working. Actually, in retrospect, her story was a little confusing.

She stared out our window, doing some soul searching. She asked me if Denny's had food for ten dollars because she had that much to spare. I told her I was sure they did and that there's a coffee shop and grocery store around, too. She informed me she'd had M&Ms for breakfast.

It seemed like she was okay, just sad and lost. Like she was doing some serious soul searching.

What do you say to someone like that? I looked up train fares and bus fares for her (bus wins, always always). She informed me that she hates busing and wishes there was some sort of magic carpet or magic taxi that could take her there.

My comfort zone was stretched. I kept imagining my boss' reaction if he showed up and she was sitting there. Since she didn't look like she needed help, I was as friendly as someone as awkward and unsure of the situation as me could be.

After some silence she said, "It's all because of the number 4."

When I asked for clarification she informed me that threes and sevens were very important to her grandfather and dad and were always in their postal codes.

Eventually she thanked me and left. I wished her good luck. What else could I say?

Stay crazy, Douglas. Ontario Girl, I hope you find what you're looking for.


  1. Wow what a crazy experience. Sure hope she finds her way.

  2. Wow...awkward. Haha.

    What are you going to do without all this awesome people-watching!?


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