October 11, 2012

Decorate that mantle.

You know what blows my mind? People who actually decorate their houses for fall.

First of all, I pass no judgment on those people. Okay, I might judge them a little, but it's not what you think. I don't understand how people find the energy or motivation to make their homes autumnal. Honestly, I have a hard enough time keeping our place clean without the added pressures of adding a wreaths and candles and decorative leaves to our mantle. Our imaginary mantle. We have leaves, but they just blow in behind us and sit there until I get a chance to sweep them up.

For me, decorating our home after almost two and a half years has become a bit of a hobby. It's something I try to partake in when I'm not crazy busy and have a few free nights in a row. I mean, what could be more fun that colour coordinating your book shelves? The answer is nothing. If you want to know what's more fun than un-colour coordinating your bookshelves, though, then the answer might be everything. Because I still haven't done that.

I understand wanting to decorate your house for Christmas. That makes sense to me. Who wouldn't want a fake three foot tree covered in sparkly ornaments and lights sitting beside their table? The answer is no one, no one that loves joy.

So for those of you out there that seasonally decorate your homes, I salute you. I also think you're insane and invite you to come over and help me organize my bedroom.

On that note, since I know you've been wondering, operation "Don't Live in a Freaking Pig Sty" (working title) is doing very well. I'm actually hoping to finally unveil  to you sometime next week the humiliating before pictures of our dresser tops and the much more delightful after pictures. That is, of course, assuming this weekend isn't as busy as I think it will be and I actually get a chance to be productive, but I'm pretty sure artfully decorating Karl's dresser won't take more than an hour.

Until then, you'll find me "decorating for fall" by putting my sandals in the closet and pulling out my boots. Ta da!


  1. Haha...honestly, I don't really decorate (much) for the seasons either. I have a couple fall things on my kitchen table, and a wreath on my front door, but that's it. Christmas...we do a front door wreath, and a tree. And stockings (of course). But...decorating my WHOLE HOUSE for fall/Halloween/winter/Christmas/Valentine's Day/4th of July...no thanks. All I can think is "now I have to clean all this crap up."

  2. Hi! I just found your blog tonight and CHEERS to you lady! I try so hard to keep up with the "jones'" next door with all the fancy decorating.. but sometimes, it's just too much! Glad to hear a fresh, real point of view! I don't see where I can follow you but I'm loving your blog and will def. be coming by often!


    1. That's awesome. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!
      I made a couple changes so now you can actually follow me. Hopefully that helps.

  3. I love the look of fall decor, but feel that looking at it from the inside of a window is better than putting energy and finances toward it. Christmas decorating? Yes Please!


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