October 12, 2012

Blog update.

Okay, folks, check check check check it out. Ready to have your mind blown?

Number one, I'm not at work and I'm posting this. Yep, I went there. Douglas street is a ten minute drive away. Maybe 3 in current 11 pm traffic. I'm at home in my sweats in front of the television.

Number two, you might notice a few changes. Let your eyes drift to the right of the screen and you'll notice that I've made a few updates. Want to follow my blog? Now you can! I'm hoping to keep making a few more "house cleaning" type changes around here, but for the moment you can now get email updates from my blog and follow me via Bloglovin if you want. That's how I've been following a bunch of blogs so I guess we'll see if it trends.

It's a process, so let me know what you think. Like? Hate it? Did you not even notice it?

On that note, I'm going to stop the madness and get off the computer.


  1. I like! Have you thought about letting people follow you via GFC as well?? That's how I follow most people.

    Everything else looks good too! Although you spelled "favorite" wrong.


    1. Apparently Google retired GFC in March so I can't actually add it anymore. Which is a bit of a bummer.

      And I spelled "favourite" the way Shakespeare intended. For the record. :P

    2. Really?? That's weird...! I wonder why they don't have that option anymore??

    3. Wait are you sure? I thought they just did that for non-Blogger blogs (like Wordpress)...but you're using Blogger...

    4. Pretty sure. I keep getting redirected to this page http://support.google.com/friendconnect/answer/2440229/?&rd=1

    5. So if you go to your "Layout" page, and click "Add Gadget", and then select the "Followers" gadget, it won't let you add it??

    6. You know... Sometimes the internet's a tricksy thing and it's hard to get a handle on it.

      When I read "Followers" my brain didn't relate that to "GFC". Thanks for the walk through!

    7. You bet!! I was getting worried they really took it away and I was wondering how it was still on my blog...haha. But now you can have people follow you that way! I know blogging isn't necessarily ALL about gaining a huge following, but it is fun to see that little number on your page go up. :)


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