September 24, 2012

Two days.

Two. More. Days. And half an hour. Then I will officially be on much needed holidays.

This morning my kitchen decided to remind me that, just maybe, we should have taken our holidays last week. That's because one of the shelves in our pantry cupboard (that's been giving me sass for months now) decided that it and its contents would attack me. At 7 am.

There was more frustrated grunting and near cussing than any Monday morning has seen for a long time. A very long time. Maybe not the best start to the week but hallelujah, praise the Lord, because this week is only a half week and already I'm 20% of the way through my working days. Now there's a number I get behind.

Bring on the holidays! And the serious ass kicking my pantry cupboard will get when I get home. Productivity, folks, productivity.

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