September 07, 2012

Pressing forward.

Today, like this week, has been exhausting. As crazy as the past seven days have been, the weekend will bring very little respite for my tired soul. And body. My tired body mostly just wants to go into hibernation mode for the whole weekend, waking up only to eat homemade muffins and watch movies. Since I have plans, Mom comes home tomorrow and there's a baby shower on Sunday, and no homemade muffins to speak of I have a feeling that isn't going to happen. Maybe next weekend. Then again, my ability to make any future plans has been a little off base this week so you never know.

To quickly recap the past seven days of my life, I had big productive plans on Saturday that ended up with me sleeping the entire day away thanks to a migraine. Sunday and Monday helped make up for Saturday a little bit but when I went to bed Monday night our kitchen table looked an awful lot like this:

Half the contents of our dresser tops, out there for the world to see.

And, sadly it still does. Because this happened:

That would be the stretcher Mom was taken away on. 

But on Wednesday I got these in the mail:

Just call me a giddy book hoarder. I am so stoked to read Bordertown someday when I find the time.

And this morning this happened:

Hair curling win.

Don't mind the awkward facial expression or the fact that the photo doesn't do my awesome hair much justice.  This is just what my face does when it doesn't want my coworkers to see my taking pictures of myself  at my desk. It was a one shot dealio and my hair settled a bit from this morning. Need more hairspray!

On my lunch I picked up these bad boys from the Red Cross:

 In case you can't tell, there's a pair of crutches, a walker, a toilet seat, a bathtub seat, and some sort of
around the toilet bar thing.

 Karl and I haven't gone grocery shopping this week and not only is it totally ruining my food groove, but it's totally confusing me. I guess I really am a creature of habit. Good thing we have so much food kicking around for the zombie apocalypse, but it's too bad most of isn't fresh veggies or fruit.

When I dropped off the goodies from the Red Cross I decided I'd attempt a lunch time smoothie since I'd forgotten to bring anything to eat. It ended up being a bit of a process.

Blackberry, lemonade, spinach, and banana smoothie.

I had a bowl of frozen blackberry goo that just wouldn't fit deep enough in the blender to blend and only fifteen minute to get back to work on my lunch break. Eventually my ingenuity and the microwave teamed up to show those berries who was boss. The end result was surprisingly delicious and tasted kind of like a cocktail. Happy Friday to me, indeed.

So into the busy weekend I go. It's going to be a whole new routine around the house with Mom back from the hospital but hopefully it's a smooth adaption for all of us. Besides, I now have super excellent hair styling abilities to get me through the stressful moments. I will just think to myself, dang I look good, and carry on with my day. If you see me making weird facial expressions it's probably because I'm focusing on how good I look. It's probably not a psychotic episode.

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