August 16, 2012

Zucchini loaf and Baldwin brothers. It's recap time.

First, a little update on my adventures with zucchini loaf. I'm officially calling my zucchini loaf a flop. I tried the second loaf today, the one I did the toothpick test on, and it, too, is too moist in the middle. It's not as bad as the other loaf but it's still not very nice. It's also lacking a bit in the flavour field, but that might be due to the weirdness of its texture that's turning me off. I'll still eat it because it isn't bad but I wouldn't bring it to a housewarming, that's for sure. Not that I've ever really brought anything to a house warming before...

Last night I tried  a new yoga class. Instead of doing the usual beginner yoga I went with my dear friend Stephanie to Yin Yoga. It's quite different than what I'm used to because instead of going through lots of movements and sun salutations you simply hold a pose for a few minutes. When the time is up you do a little bit of movement and then hold another pose. As far as relaxation goes, it was pretty much the epitome. While I didn't feel like it was the same workout I would get in other classes, some of which feel like yoga boot camp, I did enjoy it. It was very mellowing. I'm not sure if it was my favourite type of yoga but I'll certainly give it another try. It is definitely the kind of yoga you'd want after a crazy day.

When I got home I made myself an iron enriched smoothie (we're giving blood tonight) and watched a movie. C'est la vie. I have a soft spot for really terrible science fiction movies. I like them even more if they have actors I recognize. Not too long ago I watched Doomsday Prophecy with Jewel Staite in it. Cheese fest. Even though it was made in 2011 it still had really terrible graphics and a pretty weird story line. Fantastic. Made for TV scifi movies are just television gold. Really bad science fiction movies are just really good. I love post apocalyptic themes, too, and Karl and I watched The Road just last week. It's not remotely the same genre but the post apocalyptic theme was there and I really enjoyed it. Man's journey of self discovery is always better when the world is falling apart. Not that The Road was strictly about that. Moving on...

Last night I was torn between a movie about a deadly virus and its survivors or one about the earth being in trouble and an explosives expert being the only one who could save it. I love having a PVR. Naturally, I chose the film that made the least sense. How is a demolition expert going to save earth from some sort of space problem? Enter Earthstorm and Stephen Baldwin with terrible hair.

I always knew there were Baldwin brothers but it blows my mind how much they all look alike, even in a movie from 1996. Stephen Baldwin, the youngest of the Baldwin brothers Wikipedia told me, looks so much like Alec Baldwin, the oldest, in a movie from twelve years ago that it was blowing my mind. Ha. No pun intended. The whole plot was ridiculously entertaining. Spoiler alert! The moon was hit by an asteroid, got a giant crack as a result, and chunks of it were flying towards earth, eventually destroying Mexico. Bye bye, Mexico. It was also wreaking havoc on the planet's weather.

I'll admit that I was looking up restaurants to eat at for my birthday in the yellow pages (I actually found somewhere, too) and wasn't paying too much attention to what was going on in the movie. What I did catch, though, was that Mr Demolition man (Baldwin) ended up going into space and they used nukes to reseal the iron core of the moon. More or less. In case you're wondering, he got the moderately attractive scientist girl with equally unfortunate hair in the end and saved planet earth. Not in that order.

I'd say the only better than a good science fiction movie is a bad science fiction movie, but that's just not fair. Good science fiction movies are great but there will always be a place in my heart for the bad ones, too. You don't need big budget special effects to be entertained, you just need a plot that involves total destruction. Happy endings are optional. Even with zucchini loaf, it turns out.

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