August 17, 2012

Hello, World?

UPDATE: I now understand more about the internet and the sites that visit other sites and that is thanks to the infinite wisdom of Google. This post is probably not worth reading unless you want to know how vast my lack of understanding actually is and maybe have a little giggle at my ignorance. That said, it's still nice to get comments on posts in general, which is what this one was sort of fishing for.

I changed the settings on my blog a few weeks ago. Initially I had it set so that my blog wouldn't turn up in search engines or in the blogger listing (whatever that is). I decided that it would be interesting to see if I'd get more traffic otherwise and changed my settings to being a little more open. The weirdest thing that could happen is that more than my usual two readers would read my blog and learn a little bit about my book hoarding tendencies.

The internet is a wonderful thing and I can actually see how many hits my blog gets and when it gets them. Crazy right? I think so, at least. Well, I can also see stuff like what browsers are looking at my blog and if people are checking out the mobile site, using an iPad, etc. It's kind of interesting and with a blog that gets as much traffic as mine (read: very little) I have a pretty good idea who my audience is. It's knowledge I use only for good and, yes, I'm oddly fascinated by it.

Since changing my settings I've been getting a lot more traffic and the results have been interesting. Instead of averaging one or two hits a day (depending on how often I let my Facebook friends know I've updated) I am now consistently getting more visits. It's not significant, but any increase is exponential improvement. The reason for the traffic increase is because other sites are sending people here, sites like StumbleUpon and some other ones which I haven't heard of. I'm pretty sure one of them tried to give me a virus when I clicked it, though, so I don't do that anymore. The majority of my blog's traffic is no longer from Canada, it's from Russia of all places. Weird, right? I wonder if it's some sort of big country internet solidarity.

This makes me wonder, though, if any of those random links to my blog are being read. Do I have a Russian audience? Are my adventures in spray painting my life being shared across the world? Don't tell me you wouldn't wonder that either.

So I thought I'd ask and put it out there. I have no aversion to comments (Canadian or otherwise) on my posts because it makes me feel more love for what I waste my work day doing. Because, you know, I only write about my zucchini loaf for the fans. So there you have it, if you're reading my blog, why not post a comment? There is no shame, no shame at all in commenting on every single post. I post every single post so that's kind of the same thing, right? If you had a blog I would comment on yours too all the time. Or maybe not. Either way. 

To break it down, if you're out there, anywhere, anyone, why not leave a comment? This is a friendly place (just look at the polka dots!) so why not be friendly?

I now have "We Are the World" stuck in my head. Excellent.


  1. I secretly fly to Russia in my spare time.

    1. That's dedication to my ego. Appreciated.


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