August 22, 2012

The woes of a bathroom painter.

I painted our bathroom two weeks ago. I did not enjoy it or the end results. I liked the colour but a lot of touch ups were needed, as well as a new coat of ceiling paint. It was not exactly my idea of an enjoyable Saturday.

It wasn't long afterward that I noticed there was a scratch on the wall where the paint had fully come off. I didn't think much of it, just that it was another touch up I'd eventually have to deal with. This Saturday, the three week mark, was going to be my ceiling painting, touch up doing day. Woohoo. I just really wanted to put the whole bathroom painting debacle behind me and be able to enjoy my bathroom time again.

Last night, as a wonderful birthday present, Karl informed me that the paint on the walls was coming off super easily. He had left several claw marks on the wall to make his point. I'm not sure what he was thinking because surely one small mark would have made his point. Needless to say, he has officially volunteered to help me fix the paint job. He just doesn't know it yet.

I called Rona this morning, ready to rage on them for selling me bad paint. Except, of course, I googled my problem and realized that I had probably put latex paint over oil based paint unknowingly and that Rona couldn't be blamed for that. Rona could have maybe said something to make sure I knew what I was doing, but I guess I did assure the guy who sold us the paint that the bathroom was simply primer colour. Because who paints their walls a no-colour grey on purpose? Turns out, the same people who paint kitchen/dining/living areas pink do, that's who. Who would also paint their bathroom in an oil based paint as, according to the internet, oil based paints are more susceptible to mildew? Honestly, people.

I'm not sure that the bathroom is an oil based paint but, seeing as the bedroom is the same delightful colour, I'm going to do a test on the walls with acetone nail polish to see if it is, in fact, oil based paint or the more preferable latex. I am secretly praying that it's latex because while the Rona lady didn't tell me what having oil based paint meant, I could tell it wasn't going to be good.

What I did learn from Friendly Rona Lady, whose real name I desperately wish I could remember because she was amazing, is that paint actually takes 28 days to cure. When she told me that I was shocked. 28 days? She said that for 28 days we shouldn't put any pictures or fixtures up because the paint might cure to them. Or something. Karl's towel is officially going to have to share my towel bar. Things are about to get a little bit more cozy. Not only that, though, but she said that if we don't have a window or anything it might actually take longer for the paint to cure. Longer than a month! I almost cried.

When I go home tonight I'm going to take my art down, cry a little, and bust out the acetone nail polish (I must have some, all my nail polish is so cheap) to test on the bedroom walls. Then, depending on the results, I might cry a little more. It's okay, though, because Friendly Rona Lady told me to do touch ups in a couple weeks (ARG) when the paint is fully dry. It's okay, my heart only broke a little bit when I heard that. I mean honestly, why should painting an itty bitty room be at all easy or a short process? I'm going to have to take some photos of it so that you can share my pain.

I will now drown my sorrows by eating birthday Runts and hope they don't upset my tummy. I might cry a little, too.

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